Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Lightning fast, scalable, browser based apps using JavaScript, APIs, and Markup.

Why are PWAs So Popular Today?

Any Device, Mobile First

By definition, a progressive web app must work on any device. PWAs look and feel like mobile apps but run within the mobile web browser.

Only One Application to Build

With a PWA you only need to build one application. A PWA will work on desktop and mobile with an app like user experience.


Unlike native applications, PWAs are well optimized for search engines. Browsing with a PWA is seamless and can result in higher conversion rates.

PWAs are Fast!

With fast loading times, PWAs reduce server load to reduce slow down during periods of high traffic. Customers are happy, too!

Available Offline + Installable

PWAs work in areas of low connectivity or offline in many cases and can be installed on the device’s home screen, making it readily available.

Headless Architecture

With a headless approach, PWAs are incredibly light, secure, and API friendly for future integrations such as eCommerce and more.

ATAK's PWA Ecosystem Includes:


Content Management and Backend

Static Site Generators

E-Commerce, Payment, and Search

Hosting and Repository

ATAK Interactive delivers high quality application design and development for our brand. Their user friendly design and attention to every pixel harners very positive customer feedback time and time again. When it comes to custom development, they understand my vision and achieve whatever I ask.

Sebastien Lagree


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