A B2B Marketing Strategy Built on Accountability.

An Introduction to the Purposeful Marketing Method

The Purposeful Marketing Method

B2B marketing strategies can be difficult to build and even harder to manage. That’s why we developed the Purposeful Marketing Method, a simplified and results-focused approach that integrates B2B marketing efforts into real business development. Below is a detailed explanation of the PMM. If you’re a more visual learner and want to see an abbreviated overview, download our Purposeful Marketing e-book.

There are four stages to the method. We start by building a purposeful strategy. Next, we build the proper foundation for all of our future efforts. Finally, we set quarterly goals and execute 90 day initiatives. Each year we evaluate, reset, rinse, and repeat!

Why Companies Need the Purposeful Marketing Method

Some of the most common complaints businesses have about their marketing efforts:

  • We can’t quantify how our marketing initiatives lead to growth
  • Our marketing and sales operations are not in sync
  • We lack consistency in our message
  • We are spending money and unsure of what we should be getting
  • We are trying a lot of things and nothing is working

Sound familiar?

Companies deserve more out of their marketing. They deserve to understand why every action is taking place, why every dollar is being spent, and how the results of their campaigns tie into their business growth. With the Purposeful Marketing Method, businesses never have to ask why again. Every action is clear. Every initiative can be measured. Every dollar is accounted for. Every plan is pointed to growth.

Who is the Purposeful Marketing Method For?

The PMM is for B2B companies looking to use marketing efforts to grow the business. Many organizations invest in marketing because they know they’re supposed to. But they spend money on ads, agencies, and ideas without any understanding of why they’re doing what they’re doing, how it’s going to work, or its relationship to sales growth. If you’re one of these companies, the PMM was built for you.

Generally, our clients are privately held companies that range from $5m to $100m in annual gross revenue. They understand the importance of strategy. They think big picture and are more interested in investing in a sustainable process they can execute and scale than trying to get some quick wins to fill a quota.

Does your company want to…

  • Persuasively communicate your brand through messaging and visuals?
  • Develop a marketing budget focused on what will provide a return?
  • Invest effectively in marketing efforts at each step of the customer lifecycle?
  • Eliminate the noise and focus on the things that really help you grow?
  • Organize, execute, and track your marketing systems?
Where We Thrive

What the PMM Helps With:

B2B Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Strategic Development
CRM Integration
Sales Enablement
Strategic Partnerships
Creative Solutions
Scope Fulfillment

Get the Most Out Of Your:

Search Engine Optimization
Google AdWords
Facebook Advertising
Print Advertising
Social Media
Creative Design
Content Writing
Conversion Rate Optimization

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