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Optimize Your Landing Pages to Create Conversions

Jan 07, 2015
Optimize landing pages for marketers

"How can I make my website work for me?"  This is a recurring issue we see with many of our current and potential clients.  Since this is a hot topic, we decided to share some tips and tricks on how to optimize your landing pages to create conversions.  If you want more leads and sales coming through your website, it is crucial to follow and execute the steps mentioned below. Statistically speaking, a visitor on your site will spend on average three seconds before they decide to either stay or bounce. Obviously, you want to keep the bounce rate at a minimum. But how? In this article you will learn some effective ways to lower your bounce rates while simultaneously increasing your conversion rates.


Before we get started, you may be ask yourself, "what is a landing page" Best selling author, Seth Godin, describes it best when he says that landing pages are the new direct marketing, and every website owner is a direct marketer.


So, how can a landing page increase conversion rates to make your business more successful?  Here is how:

  1. They make visitors click onto another page (website crawling)
  2. They make visitors “purchase” your product
  3. They make visitors sign up for your newsletter, contact us form, etc.
  4. They make visitors share the page (This is important because of social media usage)
  5. They make visitors leave a comment or give feedback

These are a landing page’s crucial roles. If it is optimized correctly, it will get the job done and play its part in growing your business; otherwise your website will not convert. Now we must discuss how o implement landing pages. Here is how:


Create a Clear Call-To-Action
As every salesperson knows, the main objective is to close the deal. You can improve your chances of closing a deal online by creating a call-to-action on your landing pages. The key to improve your CTAs (call to action) is to avoid having unclear CTAs, which might distract your visitors. Your landing page should keep them on the conversion funnel without distractions. Therefore, make sure your CTA is displayed at least once and centralized on your landing page. Using visually appealing graphics is also extremely helpful. Keep it simple, clear, and don’t come across as too pushy or sales-y.


Provide an Irresistible Offer
This step is more business advice than an online strategy, however applicable nonetheless. It is always effective to offer deals, discounts, free consultation, etc. to keep your visitors interested. Set a deadline so that you create a sense of urgency thereby causing your visitor to sign up or register for whatever you are offering.


Less Is Always More
Focus on your CTA. Offering too many options will reduce your conversion rate because buyers want to move as fast as they can to the check out. Try to avoid any distractions they may encounter on their way to check out. Narrow down the information that you want to collect from the visitors. Ask as few questions as possible. Making the process faster and more convenient will increase your chances of conversion.


Grab Their Attention with an Enticing Headline
Once you are able to get traffic to your site by your online marketing efforts; now it’s time to convince your visitors to stay there for a while. With an enticing, catchy, and attention grabbing headline you can easily achieve that goal. Keep your message brief and clear so your visitors don’t get frustrated and/or lose interest. The less is more strategy works here too.


Avoid Visual Ads (GIF ADS)
The worst thing that can happen through your conversion funnel is to get distracted by paid ads on your site. Don’t risk the chance of losing your visitors due to those annoying and unattractive paid ads. Try to avoid them if you can.


Your website should work as your 24/7 salesman so you can focus on other aspects of your business. We are happy to share one of the most important issues we tend to face with our clients. If you need any help with your conversion rate, we’d love to help. Contact us to learn more by calling us at 855-472-1892 or email us at info@atakinteractive.com.




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