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Mobile Commerce: Why Should It Be Important To You?

Oct 11, 2012


Simply having an ecommerce website isn’t necessarily good enough anymore as more consumers are turning to their mobile devices more than ever before. In a recent report released by ComScore that looks at U.S. mobile market share, 110 million U.S. consumers owned smartphones as of February 2012. Taking that statistic into consideration, think about Nielsen’s recent study that showed 47% of smartphone users use shopping apps on an average of 17 times per month, and the reality of incorporating mobile commerce becomes apparent. ATAK Interactive is a website design agency dedicated to helping your business get ahead with mobile commerce, and looks at why it is becoming a business must.

What Is Mobile Commerce And Why Is It Important?

Essentially, mobile commerce is ecommerce on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The main considerations of mobile commerce are the design of your ecommerce website on a mobile device, and an app that lets customers make purchases from you. As demand of convenience of mobile purchases continues to rise, many businesses are scrambling to make their ecommerce sites easy to navigate and to develop apps that further facilitate this growing trend. Many big retailers such as Best Buy and Target are turning to mobile commerce to improve their sales. Staples recently announced that it would be closing 30 stores and downsizing or relocating 30 more in 2012 while increasing investment into ecommerce and mobile commerce. The fact is that if customers can avoid trips in traffic to a crowded store and instead be more productive while they’re, for example, waiting for the dentist, they will take advantage of the opportunity.

How Can Your Business Take Advantage Of Mobile Commerce? 
1. ) Perform Responsive Web Design. Responsive Web Design, or RWD, basically means that your website is easily viewed and navigable on multiple devices, whether it is a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. The same exact website that looks great on a laptop can be difficult to see and navigate through on the small screen of a smartphone. The design should be clear and concise with easy navigation. You may want to consider using a website design company to achieve this.
2.) Design a functional app. Because this can really affect your mobile commerce revenue, you should have a website design agency work with you on designing and developing an app for your business. You may want to focus on just one part of your business or a smaller collection of products if you have many available. Also think about how your customer will be most likely to use your app. If your business is a flower shop for example, you could design your mobile app with various links on the homepage; one for daily specials, one for standard bouquets, one for store locations, and one with a “Design your own bouquet” feature, where the customer could put together their own arrangement and send it to your store to be created for pick up or delivery. Being creative and making it fun and easy at the same time will engage your customer and keep them coming back.
3.) Make it simple to complete a transaction. Customers are turning to mobile commerce for the ease and convenience, so make it easy for them to make a purchase. Provide different options for checkout payment and send an immediate email confirmation so they can be confident the purchase went through.

The increase in demand for mobile commerce has initiated many new businesses whose purpose is to streamline mobile commerce for other businesses, making it easier than ever to implement this functionality. For example, the ecommerce platform provider Magento (www.magentocommerece.com) offers services that include responsive web design for mobile devices of your existing website, full integration of your business’ reporting and inventory and design, and submission and management of an app for your business. Primarily a website design company, Los Angeles-based ATAK Interactive also specializes in creating business apps. Regardless of if you’re taking on the mobile commerce project on your own or hiring a professional, implementing this new form of ecommerce is necessary as this is not a trend that is expected to be passing anytime soon.



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