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Men vs. Women; Online Shopping Habits

Mar 06, 2014

Some Statistics about Online Shopping

According to Shopzilla’s survey, men and women’s eCommerce online shopping behavior is quite similar, although there are worthy differences to pay attention to. As far as similarities, 87% of men and 82% of women are using their desktops to shop online. Also, a majority of both sexes shop from their homes rather than their workplaces or on the move.  Even regarding “show rooming” where before you buy online you go and check the product in the store, statistics show that 79% of women and 76% of men don’t even check products in store before they purchase online. Price still matters for both sides, as 77% of women and 74% of men say price is affecting their buying process.

We do find men and women typically make purchase online at different times. For example, women prefer to check online shops around 12pm-1pm which is a common lunch break. On the other hand men are more likely to purchase online around 7pm-8pm, after work. Men spend, on average, 10 minutes before a purchase compared to 14 minutes for women.  Men are always checking all options and their features before they make the purchase but women are more likely to shop fast without checking the entire catalog. Women know what they are looking to buy online more than men, seemingly.

Difference between Men And Women In Marketing
The biggest difference is 77% of women are always looking for sales and deals, where men don’t have that problem, only 55%. Whether a printed advertisement, social media marketing ads, blogs, newsletters, or word of mouth, they all equally work on both sexes, but of course there are some differences that you should be aware of.

Women are more in to marketing emails. Most female online shoppers say that they saw product-featured emails from the store before they actually buy showing email marketing affects women in a positive way. When marketing to a women online, use more creative elements and styles that resonate with the way her brain works. Using emotion-based pictures is going to attract women. Another important point is when marketing women companies shouldn’t be so pushy with the call to action, like call now or offer expires soon.

On the other hand, men are more likely to make purchases or at least find products when they are surfing online randomly. Like we mentioned above, women care more about deals and coupons and that’s why they follow emails for offers. Men are more spontaneous online shoppers compared to women. Also, men prefer products created just for them, which means they get attracted faster with unique or personalized ads. Another important point is men are compulsive shoppers so that means putting some messages or ads near the check out button is going to work out well. You should give them the cost saving demonstrations at the point of sale, not simply before.

How to Increase Conversion Rates
As web development and eCommerce specialists we at ATAK Interactive always suggest and provide our clients the importance of taking care of their website design. Design doesn’t just mean the look, color or pictures of your page; your website’s aim should be to lead your visitors to where you want them to be. Each online presence has a specific public target. Thus, it’s better to take your target market into account and design your website considering their needs or expectations. Whether you are targeting men or women, if your website’s navigation is complicated or product pages are slow (disorganized), or most importantly there are errors in code and then you will lose customers. To get more information on the importance of redesigning a website check our blog article: https://www.atakinteractive.com/6-red-flags-that-shows-it-is-time-for-a-website-redesign/

Target Market For Your Website: Women
If you are targeting women for your website, the first thing you should consider is to find a female specific domain. It has to be familiar for females so they can recognize your website easily. Secondly, if you realized that your visitors are coming but then quickly running away from your website, which we call “bounce back,” there must be a problem with your design. Design problems are so common in our industry because people don’t understand how important your website’s design is in dictating user behavior. Your website’s color, content, navigation, and level of originality must be perfect fine-tuned for women. For a women friendly site. We recommend you avoid technical or sci-fi influences, powerful contrasts, and violent content on your website’s design to attract more women to your website. To increase your female audience even more you should try email marketing. The best time periods to poke women are after 3pm when they start to get bored in the office or after dinnertime when they settle down. Offering coupons, deals, or sales on your newsletter is going to hit the spot. Like we mentioned above, women love to see those marketing campaigns. To be more effective on attracting women to your website check our website redesigns on our portfolio: https://www.atakinteractive.com/portfolio.php Or to improve your newsletter campaign, check our blog about newsletter campaigns. https://www.atakinteractive.com/10-great-ways-to-make-your-newsletter-campaign-more-effective/

Target Market For Your Website: Men
If you are targeting mostly men, you should definitely take paid search advertising into account because men find products when they are surfing online, and they definitely search. Often, pop up product ads are going to attract, believe it or not. Also improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial to target men. If you want more men on your website then when they search a product on search engines, your website should be ranked high (1st page of Google) so you will be more visible and accessible for them. To get more information about this, such as 12 ways to make your eCommerce website more search engine friendly, please visit our blog: https://www.atakinteractive.com/how-to-make-seo-friendly-ecommerce-website/

In terms of your website’s design, in general you should keep your website clean, short, and sweet. Also the website has to contain more technical and powerful messaging and branding to make sure details and specifications are clear for your specific target market. To get more information about how redesigning your website is going to save your business, check our blog: https://www.atakinteractive.com/6-red-flags-that-shows-it-is-time-for-a-website-redesign/

In conclusion, men and women have their own behavior in terms of online shopping. It’s crucial to be aware of these differences and at the end of the day to be successful about pushing your target market to a final purchase. As e-commerce website design specialists, we at ATAK Interactive want to share these important details with you, just to help you out about increasing your conversion rate and sales. To get more information and consultation please call us at 1-855-472-1892 or visit our website: https://www.atakinteractive.com






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