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How to use your competitors to rise in rankings

Jan 06, 2013

In the competitive battle for high rankings for your website, it can be frustrating to spend time, money and resources trying to reach the coveted #1 spot for your most descriptive keywords. If your website is not currently #1, there is something you can do to help yourself climb to the top. By analyzing the competition that is hindering your rise, you can identify what others have done to help themselves get to where they are today. Los Angeles SEO specialist ATAK Interactive offers some tips on using your competition to get yourself higher rankings and more business.

1) Discover who your competitors really are.

Start by typing in your best keywords. These are keywords that are the most descriptive of your business along with having high search engine rankings. You can determine search engine rankings of keywords by using Google and Yahoo!’s free keyword tools. Take note of which websites appear first for your keywords, especially those that appear for more than one keyword as these will be your top competitors.

2) Evaluate their search engine optimization strategies.

Here is where you take knowledge of the basics of SEO and what drives a high ranking; keywords, back links, blogs, articles and social media. Take a close look at each of your top competitors’ websites and analyze how they have plugged various aspects of SEO into their website for a positive outcome. Look at how they have used certain keywords and how frequently they appear throughout the page. Take into consideration how often they update content on their website. How frequently do they post on their blog or add news updates? Since we know that web crawlers are not fond of Java or Quicktime, look at how much of either they have incorporated if any at all. Compare the ease of navigating through their website with navigating through your own. When it comes to internet marketing, Los Angeles-based ATAK Interactive recommends finding ways in which your website may be falling short compared to theirs.

3) Specify their areas of highlighted concentration

Although they may essentially be offering the same products or services that you are, determine if your competition is focusing on a certain area of your business as part of their SEO strategy. Having a more concise area of concentration can have a better effect on rankings and attracting overall business by optimizing for niche keywords instead of a general lot. Determine what they are optimizing for and apply that strategy to your own business offerings.

4) Analyze their social media strategy.

While Google and Yahoo! make a move away from social media influence in search engine rankings, Bing takes advantage of social media and moves toward it. With Bing’s new social side bar, social media integration in terms of Facebook and Twitter is a must to gain more exposure within this particular search engine. Other forms of social media that can help rankings within any search engine include Pinterest and social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and reddit. Additionally, see if they have any YouTube videos on the website as these can also generate traffic and have a hand in higher rankings. Social media plug-ins are also an important way your competitors can rise in rankings. These are icons that allow users to share content via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other social media sites.

5) Follow their blog.

If your competitors’ websites are on top, they likely have a blog since this is a big step toward full search engine optimization. They also likely update their blog on a regular basis so that search engines can also detect fresh content, which improves rankings. Take note of the topics your competitors cover in their blog and analyze their uses of keywords. Having similar content on your website can give you the boost you need to bring your rankings up to theirs, if not higher. Social media plug-ins are also essential to incorporate into a blog to help rankings.

Using the strategies your competitors have taken advantage of to optimize your website can help boost your rankings by analyzing the different parts of their website that have gotten them to the top. Looking at keyword usage, social media, blogs and other aspects of search engine optimization, Los Angeles firm ATAK Interactive identifies these as a key part of the process of taking your competitors head-on. By integrating these strategies as your own, you could see your website as #1 in no time.

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