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How To Use LinkedIn For Small Business

Jun 06, 2014

As social media and online marketing specialists at ATAK Interactive, we want to educate you about effective ways to boost your company profile on LinkedIn. While it is very important to have a personal business profile on LinkedIn, it is incredibly advantageous to also have a company profile for B2B interactions. Professionals, customers, and colleagues can connect to your company’s LinkedIn profile and you have the ability to grab their attention with compelling content and information. To get the most out LinkedIn, follow this guide.


Personal Page

First, you should have a well-organized and prepared personal page on LinkedIn before you start creating your company’s profile. You should optimize your page with an up to date picture, header, summary, experience and most importantly recommendations. Then begin connecting with professionals you already work with on a daily basis like you would with Facebook or Twitter. To learn more about personal LinkedIn accounts please check:



Create a Company Page

Now that your all-star personal page is set up, do the same for your company profile page. LinkedIn allows you to add employees, a company overview, statistics, and product pages to share with your distributors, customers or association members. The company’s profile on LinkedIn will provide a highlight of your services and organizations to increase your online exposure to the LinkedIn environment. Be sure to connect with all your employee’s personal LinkedIn accounts so you can extend to their network chains and grow your company’s reach.



Recommendations are a way for customers to share experiences about you on both your personal and company profiles. Recommendations are crucial for your business profile on LinkedIn, so try to collect as many reviews as you can. If you hear a compliment about your business on LinkedIn, try to contact that person individually and ask for them to write a recommendation for you.


Update Your Status

LinkedIn’s status feature is just like Facebook’s so sharing articles, news or interesting feeds about your industry or company is applicable. How frequent you update your LinkedIn status is debated by many marketing experts. At ATAK, we believe that you should update your status at least once every two days. Some say you should update is as much as six times a day while others say once a week. The frequency is less important as long as you’re posting relevant information.


What to Do and What Not to Do On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is for updating your company’s standing, engaging with customers or businesses, and increasing your company’s overall exposure. Also don’t be afraid to post job listings, after all, this is a social business platform. LinkedIn is not a good place to show your products and try to sell customers with updates. Keep that information on Facebook, Twitter, and in your email marketing.


LinkedIn Groups

Try to join groups that are related to your business or potential customers. This way you can be in conversations that may involve potential customers. When you lead the conversation by sharing relevant and useful content to other professionals, you will showcase your expertise in the field and gain the attention of others.


LinkedIn Answers

Use this feature to get useful advice from experienced professionals. On LinkedIn there are at least 200 different categories within the Answers feature making it easy to find a particular field of interest. Many small business owners use this tool to find expert advice on a specific subject. You can also show your business savvy by answering some questions that require your expertise. Who knows, maybe answering their question will inspire them to endorse one of your skills!


Add and Share Blog Posts

Adding blog posts to LinkedIn is one of the best ways to get attention from your audience just like it is on your website, Facebook or Twitter account. Blogging is an easy way to create useful content to share with your audience, increase loyalty and credibility, and increase your SEO.

We are digital marketing specialists at ATAK Interactive here to help you with your company’s online needs. If you are interested in adding LinkedIn or any other social platform to your social media mix please contact Austin at 1-855-472-1892.








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