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How to get traffic to your website without spending a dime

Jan 15, 2013

It can be tempting to invest in pay-per-click or other advertising campaigns to give your website a quick boost in rankings. While this definitely helps drive traffic to your website, you should also take advantage of the ways you can increase traffic without spending anything. The other benefit is that a lot of these strategies increase your organic rankings, which last much longer than the paid rankings; these often disappear once you stop making payments. Web design company ATAK Interactive’s SEO team offers ways to bring more people to your site for fee.

1) Start with a closer look at your content. Take a look at your use of keywords and use Google’s Keyword Tool to determine if your keywords are still the best to gain targeted traffic to your website. Consider if your keywords are used in the best context or if they are too frequent; overload will hurt your rankings.

2) Integrate social media throughout. Some of the best free advertising is by word of mouth, and social media makes that voice bigger than ever before. Take advantage of all of the free publicity through social media that you can. This can include Facebook, Twitter and Google+ postings, YouTube videos, Pinterest images, etc. Make it easy for anyone to share an interesting article or image from your website by incorporating social media plug-ins throughout.

3) Post to your blog regularly. If you’re not consistently posting on the blog on your website (at least once a week), you could be missing out on a great deal of free traffic in a couple of different ways. First, since Google and Yahoo!’s algorithms favor frequently updated pages, your page will get better traction from crawlers which results in higher page rank. Second, if your posts are timely and relevant and shared throughout social media networks, you can get free traffic from individuals who are interested in reading your post. If you don’t have a blog, you can set one up through your website developer so that it will be uniform with the rest of your website, or you can get one for free with WordPress or other blog providers. Also be sure to set up an RSS feed to alert subscribers of new postings and possibly gaining more exposure in social media networks.

4) Take advantage of social bookmarking sites. These sites, such as reddit.com, stumbleupon.com and digg.com are a great way to get your website out into the public for free. These websites feature trending articles along with articles that match chosen interests. The key to gaining traffic through this medium is to have a compelling headline and description and submit it to the appropriate category for the respective social bookmarking site.

5) Swap links with similar sites. This may be an old SEO practice, but it still does work. Trading links with webmasters of websites that are comparable in content to yours can help increase your traffic flow. Beware, however, of linking to websites with poor quality which can have the opposite effect.

6) Offer free giveaways. Offer a free manual or guidebook relative to the topic of your website in return for signing up for your newsletter. This way, you generate publicity for your company both through your giveaway and also your newsletter, increasing the traffic of return visitors in the future, along with first-time visitors who are signing up for the freebie.

What works for generating traffic now is likely to change somewhat in the future, but the good news is that there will almost always be ways to generate traffic to your website for free. Taking advantage of social media, blogs, and keyword-rich content is a great start to improving your site’s overall traffic. Los Angeles SEO specialist ATAK Interactive continues to stay at the edge of what’s new when it comes to search engines and understanding the ways they work to gain better traction and save you money.

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