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How to Beat Your Competition on Google Within Few Weeks

Sep 09, 2010

You have more than likely heard a few success stories about successful entrepreneurs who launched their website and then within a few weeks they passed their competition in rankings. Unless your company is a well-known business such as Verizon or Apple, it is impossible for someone to rank #1 in Google overnight. However, it is possible to rank higher than your local competition on Google within a few weeks.

Here's a few tips from Los Angeles SEO company on how to start gaining control of your online presence and start beating your competition:

  • Get more quality back links. The more quality backlinks you have, the more Google will take notice. Make sure your backlinks are from high-ranking sites that are relevant to your industry. When you have a lot of quality backlinks, you're proving to Google that your site deserves to be high-ranked because it’s a valuable site.
  • Directory Search. Not every directory is the same. You'll find that many are worth it while others are a complete waste of money. Search for directories that have a high page rank ranging between PR2-PR4. Don't forget to get listed on DMOZ and Google; it will give your website a major boost.
  • SEO Press Releases. Every business should write and distribute at least one or more press releases on a monthly basis. A well written SEO press release will not only help your Google rankings, it will interest your potential customers and investors. Get into the habit of distributing a new press release every time you launch a new service or new product. If you're celebrating your company's anniversary or you're opening up a new branch this should be included in your press release. You can announce anything that your audience will find of interest. Make sure you distribute your press releases to high-ranking sites that allow you to include a backlink to your website.
  • Article Directories are Not Dead. Article marketing is one of the most affective ways to promote your business online. Some people claim that posting in article directories is overrated. Article directories will be around for a while and every site owner should get in the habit of posting their SEO articles to article directories. Make sure you only post unique content that is search engine friendly and interesting to read for your readers. You can get quality backlinks to your website from article directories. Don't forget to fill out your profile and include a photo or logo of your company in the directory. Every article directory is different so make sure you read their guidelines before adding backlinks to your site. Some sites will allow you to post four links while others will only allow you to place one backlink to your website. When placing more than one backlink to your site, make sure you choose more than one page, for example, place a backlink to your home page and services page -- or any page that you desire traffic to enter.
  • Post Blog Comments. Post well written comments on other blog articles and article sites in order to obtain quality backlinks to your website. Choose popular websites that have relevant keywords to your website and a high page rank. Make sure you only post relevant comments. Avoid posting spammy comments like: "love your article! Visit my website at www.xxxx.com!". Stay on topic and post comments that are useful, and then add a link to your site. When you post good comments, they will more likely be approved by the site owner.

Hopefully, these SEO tips have been helpful in learning how to beat your competitors in their Google ranking within a few weeks.

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