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How Do You Generate Blog Post Ideas?

Dec 17, 2015
finding blog content ideas

Maybe the new year is barreling toward you and you’re thinking about making a resolution to blog more. And then, you think of about three things to blog about, and promptly run out of steam.
As ATAK’s blog master, I’m here to help you come up with blog post content generation ideas, and offer a different way of looking at your company’s blog.

What Do You Want to Blog About?

Primarily, you should blog about what you know. Don’t blog about something that you aren’t educated or experienced with. You don’t want to post misinformation and embarrass yourself in front of clients and colleagues.
At the same time, you don’t have to be an expert to blog. You have to be willing to present information with a point of view, and a goal. And that’s something that you probably do every day at work. You just don’t think about it as blogging – you do the same things in a client meeting, at a team all-hands, or in a quick email to a colleague who needs to consult with you about something.
A blog is just a different way of sharing your viewpoint and knowledge, with the added benefit of offering a marketing and search engine website traffic boost to your website.

How Do You Figure Out What to Post?

Start with what you know. When you spend all day with the same information, it’s easy to forget that you know something people don’t. Any time you find that you’re offering a quick explanation to a colleague, make a note – this is something you know, that other people don’t! You can write a blog post about that, most likely. Bonus: If you write a blog post about it, next time you can point your colleague that way to save yourself some time.

Dive Deep.

A blog is a great place to get really granular about things. You can write a 12-post series about the different aspects of running an ecommerce store, or the many ways to properly care for cast iron cookware, or all of the types of pantsuit fabrics that exist. The best thing about blogs is they offer you a blank canvas to really explore your knowledge and opinions. This type of blogging lets you establish your expertise and while having a little bit of fun exercising your mental muscles, really focusing on one part of your work or services.

Make a Connection.

A lot of the posts I write for ATAK connect something about marketing to another theme. Part of this reason for connection is I find it a fun mental game to draw out a theme, and part of it is that talking about SEO in the metaphorical sense makes it easier to understand, and lets me come at the topic from a fresh angle. That’s why I’ve posted about SEO being like a cookie jar, and SEO being a nest of conspiracy theories.
From a marketing perspective, those two posts are going to interest different audiences, and they both enlighten readers about different parts of SEO in a different way. By writing these two themed posts, I’ve opened the topic of SEO up for two different audiences. From a personal perspective, it’s fun, and it keeps my brain working. I am always looking for new ways to talk about SEO so that it’s accessible to clients and colleagues.

Solve a Problem.

You can’t solve the world’s problems blogging, and that’s probably not changing anytime soon. What you can change is some of your biggest customer service headaches with the sweep of a keyboard. Write blog posts about the phone calls you dread answering, or the questions you hate hearing come up in meetings. Write blog posts that will short circuit doubt, confusion, and concern.
This helps on two fronts; it’s a place you can send customers when they approach you about an old problem, and you sit down and focus on a part of your business that’s causing confusion for your business and clients. Who knows – maybe you’ll figure out a way to improve the process as you go.

Get Meta.

Blog about blogging if you’re at a loss for topics (not that I would know anything about that…). Blog about yourself, your business, your city, or industry. Don’t be afraid to step outside the lines once in awhile when you’re blogging. Get personal, or be funny. Your readers will appreciate the opportunity to connect with the real you, and this practice can build you a more loyal following.

Above All, Just Write!

I have a lot of friends who are novelists, whose main piece of writing advice is Just Write! They tell me that people call themselves aspiring novelists and cast around for knowledge about how to write, rather than just spending the time practicing writing as a craft.
Blogging isn’t novel writing, but it’s writing all the same. It takes practice, and with time, it will get easier and become a lot more fun. The more often you blog, the more naturally the idea of writing a post will come to you.

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