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Google Inbox is Changing Email Marketing – Here’s What You Need to Know

Nov 01, 2014

Interested in making your life easier and save time for things that really matter? Google may be able to do just that with a new application called “Inbox.” Announced last week, this new app is designed to make it easier for its users to find and manage important information that oftentimes gets hidden and buried in their inboxes. It’s primarily designed to focus on what really matters.

For example, Inbox can sort electronic receipts and bank statements into bundles so they can easily be located. This method is similar to the way that Gmail currently separates promotional emails from other communications sent to its users.  Inbox can also figure out the key points of an email, such as travel itineraries, event times and photos, and highlight the information, according to Google.  In some instances, Inbox will automatically retrieve other helpful content, such as updated flight times, from the Web.  Inbox can also create to-do lists.  At first glance, Inbox seems like a brilliant idea, but with like any brilliant innovation comes criticism.

The obvious question for marketers and businesses alike is how will Inbox affect email marketing campaigns?  Even though Inbox is doing a lot of the work for you in terms of bundling and organizing, this means that you may have to schedule your email marketing campaigns differently than before. For a lot of businesses, email marketing is a way to directly touch base with their consumers and offer special promotions and deals.  Inbox will require that you run a promotion longer to allow your consumers time to actually open their bundled email and act on it before a sale is over. It could also mean that people who subscribe but don’t currently open your emails may be even less likely to do so if they’ve bundled it. This could cause many marketers to become frustrated at what is predicted to be lower open rates for promotional emails.

Google executive, Sundar Pichai, recently made this statement: "For many of us, dealing with email has become a daily chore that distracts from what we really need to do — rather than helping us get those things done.”   While the concept is new and exciting, it will require your email marketing efforts to be refocused and streamlined.  Some things you can do to help your open rate increase are:

  • Build Your Best List: avoid purchasing lists and avoid using spamming practices to build your list.  Create great content and the subscribers will come. Give your consumers a reason to subscribe by providing great deals and promotions.

  • Send Great Content at Reasonable Times: don’t send emails for the sake of staying in touch.  If you send great content that provides value to your consumer, there is no need to send numerous emails.

  • Image is Everything: make your email campaigns look attractive and easy to navigate.  By putting some extra effort in the design of your email marketing campaigns, the click-through rates will increase.

Only time will tell how Inbox will this truly affect email marketing efforts but the predictions hold some weight in our eyes.  However, if you are sending great content and taking into account the above-referenced tips, then whatever changes Google decides to make will less likely affect you and your business.  If anything, this will help your consumers cut through the clutter and focus on what’s important to them.   If you want to learn more on how to create great content and maximize your business through email marketing, then give us a call at 888-472-1892 or email us at info@atakinteractive.com.

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