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Google Analytics: Universal Analytics Update

Sep 09, 2014

As eCommerce and website marketing specialists, we at ATAK Interactive choose to educate our clients and colleagues as best we can, when we can. Recently we started a series on Google Analytics to introduce users to this incredibly useful, and free, tool. So far, our topics “Overview”, “How to Setup,” “Goals and Funnels”, and “User Acquisitions” cover everything you need to understand to start using Google Analytics for your website analysis. With this article we are finalizing our Google Analytics series a summary about the most recent update, “Universal Analytics,” which is out of beta into primetime. This article will provide you everything you should know about the new update.



Universal Analytics is the re-imagining of classic Google Analytics for today’s multiscreen, multi device world and all the measurement challenges that come with it. The Universal Analytics Upgrade is a process one can use to upgrade all classic Google Analytics properties into Universal Analytics properties without losing any data or changing your account settings. The update will have all the robust set of features you are used to with the classic Google Analytics, but Universal Analytics is the new operating system for Google Analytics so all product updates and new features will only be available on this platform. Classic properties that get its tracking codes from the old version won’t get any new updates, which is why it is crucial to start understanding and using Universal Analytics right away. As a plus, one can upload and transfer all data from Google Analytics to Universal Analytics without losing any data or account settings, so it’s 100% supported in that way. After one is done with the whole upgrading process, the user will now get improved data processing, new collection methods, and more analysis tools. All Google Analytics properties will soon be required to use Universal Analytics. Any properties that don’t follow the upgrade process will be auto-transferred to Universal Analytics in the future.


Connect Multiple Devices and Sessions (User ID)

User ID is a brand new feature of Universal Analytics that enables the association of one or more sessions (and activity within those sessions) with a unique and persistent ID that one sends to Google Analytics. With the User ID, one can get a more accurate user count, analyze the signed in user experience, and get access to the new Cross device reports. All activity is attributed to one user in this report.  As an example, one could send the unique IDs generated by your own authentication system to Google Analytics as values for the User ID. Any engagement, like link clicks and page or screen navigation, that happen while a unique ID is assigned can be sent and connected in Google Analytics via the User ID.


New Data Collection Methods

Universal Analytics introduces three brand new data collection methods, which will help users to tailor their collections. They created data collection methods for websites, Android or IOS, and other digital devices like game consoles or etc. For websites use analytics.js, for IOS-Android use the Mobile SDKs V2, and use Measurement Protocol for other devices.


Configuration Options

Another new feature that comes with Universal Analytics is that from now on one doesn’t have to adjust tracking code to make modifications. From the admin panel users can control all these options below:

  • Organic search sources
  • Session and campaign timeout handling
  • Referral exclusions
  • Search term exclusions


Improved eCommerce Analysis

If you have an eCommerce website, you will love Universal Analytics. Google now provides Enhanced eCommerce Reports that help analyze your user’s shopping and purchasing behaviors. In addition, one can measure the success of internal and external marketing efforts in correlation with a certain products and economic performance.


In conclusion, Google Analytics updated their system with Universal Analytics, which is out of beta testing and ready to use. As eCommerce and online marketing specialists, we at ATAK Interactive wanted to inform you about this update and let you know what are the new features that come with the Universal Analytics. We recommend one gets up to speed as soon as possible to take advantages before their competitors settle in. If you need any further help please give us a call at 310-526-7493 or e-mail info@atakinteractive.com






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