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Generating Buzz for Your Business

Nov 04, 2014
Generating Buzz for your business


There are so many to-dos and must haves when starting your own business.  Just the thought of the task list is overwhelming and can be daunting.  Many of which can pulled to the side and ignored, unintentionally of course.  However, in order to bring in clients and ultimately, sales, most of these necessary to-dos cannot and should not be ignored.  Marketing and generating buzz are some of the most challenging aspects of running a business.


There are thousands of articles out there about the best ways to get the word out.  Some that we’ve written and discussed, such as SEO, content marketing, user experience (UX), social media, and more.  But not many that talk about how to generate buzz for your brand.

One of the keys to gaining visibility as a brand is getting press, but you don’t have to necessarily hire a traditional PR firm to do that. A traditional PR firm promises to get you in the press, getting attention for your brand. When they deliver, it’s great. But we’ve also heard horror stories about pricey promises that went unfulfilled.


Buzz or word of mouth marketing is best described as “people talking about you.”  This is probably the most organic form of marketing. So, how do you go about generating buzz for your brand?  Here are a few tips to share:


Tell a Compelling Story


If you do what everyone else is doing, then guess what? You’re not worth talking about.  Sounds harsh but it’s the truth.  Differentiate yourself from your competitors.  Find what makes your business unique and play on that differentiating factor.  Do something that will get you noticed.  In this case, storytelling is key.  Be transparent and authentic.  People connect to people, not brands.  Ask yourself, why and how did I get here?  A good story about why you started your business brings people in.  Everyone loves a good story, especially the press.  Decide what you want your audience to remember about your company, then create a story that communicates why your prospects should care.


A recent example of storytelling is that of one of our clients, Dina Kimmel of We Rock the Spectrum.  We recently featured her story in the Huffington Post.  Our focus was not only to share her story but to set her a part from many other female entrepreneurs, and we did just that.  That one article generated so much organic buzz; so much so that she was recently approached by an interested franchisee located in the UK.  One of Dina’s goals was to become international within a year.  Well, that might just happen.

Learn to Pitch and Connect


You want people to tell your story for you, write about you, and talk about you to their colleagues and friends.  In this case, you have to learn how to talk about your business.  However, we understand that it can be difficult to run a business and do the extra legwork it takes to get noticed.  As a digital marketing house, we are able to make those connections on your behalf.  But without client involvement this becomes challenging because you know your business best.  It’s our job to connect with influencers; it’s your job to give us something to share.  That something needs to be interesting.  The more pitches we put out there, the more people you’re in front of which in turn can translate to more sales.  Staying consistent and building those relationships are key during this process.


Make it Easy to Cover Your Story


We want to make it as effortless and easy for the influencers and reporters we’re pitching to.  In order to do that, you need a complete press kit ready to send to the media that express interest in your story.  Nowadays, everything is done electronically.  Your electronic press kit (EPK) should include anything relevant, from product spec sheets to background on your company.  Editors and journalists are bogged down on time, so we recommend creating 8-10 page press kits, if not less.  Lots of graphics and high quality photographs are extremely helpful too.


ATAK Interactive is a full digital marketing house that has recently added outreach for their clients.  Our marketing department will create an EPK, build relationships with influencers and journalists, network, and pitch their clients’ stories.  If you want to learn how you can generate buzz for your business, please email us at info@atakinteractive.com or give us a call at 855-472-1892.

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