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How to provide customer service that looks effortless and inspires confidence

Jul 14, 2015
customer service with style

You often hear about customer service, especially bad customer service. You’ve probably had a terrible dining experience and left a scorching review on Yelp or regularly complain like most people about your cable or phone provider.

Thankfully, a lot of companies still provide great customer service and when you encounter one, you usually become a customer for life.

Either way, there’s no denying that customer service is one of the backbones of your organization. People talk and they’re quick to recommend your services to other people if they like you.

Now, there are also ways to turn an angry customer into a happy one. But still, you’re better off trying to keep your customers happy. It’s a much better business strategy!

Keep It Simple, Stupid!

The first step to providing effortless customer service is to keep it simple. Contrary to popular perception, wowing customers doesn’t necessarily make them more loyal than if you simply meet their expectations. It does cost a lot more and increases the pressure to deliver. However, that extra effort will likely be overlooked. So many companies over-promise and under-deliver that you will stand-out by simply doing what you said you’d do.

Top-Down Initiative

Effortless customer service is also a top-down initiative. It has to be engrained in the company culture. Take the examples of companies like Southwest, Virgin America, T-Mobile or Zappos. These companies are loved and respected because customer service is a top priority for their CEOs and it trickles down to all levels of the organization. They are putting people before profit. Would YOU be ready to take a 10-hour long customer service call?

Effortless for You

If you want customer service to look effortless for your customers, you also have to make it effortless for your employees by providing them with the best possible insight – on the customer, the product purchased, and any previous service interactions. It also starts by being agile and empowering them with decision-making. People’s tolerance for delay and slow service is more and more limited. Let employees resolve customers’ issues without having to refer to management. The main goal being “next-issue avoidance”. Escalating issues only creates frustration.


Offering a consistent customer experience is also a great way of making it look effortless. Make them feel good about all interactions and customers will not dread contacting you with questions or concerns. For example, at Atak we’re big fans of Zerolag for hosting. One the of the main reasons is that their customer service is highly consistent. We always talk to the same people who know us and our business. They resolve issues quickly and all you need to do is send an email to support.


Finally, an effortless customer service experience is also offering your customers an omnichannel experience. Whether it is through social media, email, FAQ, chat, in-person or on the phone, let customers connect when they want, with whatever device they want and on however many channels they want. Embrace technology!

By offering a seamless, effortless customer experience, you can drive loyalty and limit frustrations. Don’t be passive. Keep your customers engaged instead so you can meet their needs and expectations.

After all, you are a customer yourself. Wouldn’t you love interacting with such companies more often? I know I would. As we say at Atak, it’s all about tender love and care.

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