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Ecommerce Web Design and Programming Solutions from LA Based Firm

Feb 04, 2010

Nowadays, a matter of concern for business owners is that they do not know where to start. The answer to expand and promote your business is possible through E-commerce Programming services. Now that you have found the solution for one of your worries, the next concern is to find a trustworthy ecommerce web design firm that offers all e-commerce services with great results and consultation.  ATAK Interactive, a leading web design company is synonymous with excellent e-commerce programming services to clients – helping them move ahead in business.

In order to check whether the company you hired is worth it or not, consider some simple guidelines:

The first and foremost thing is, to check out the company's portfolio. This will make it easy to know whether the company is good with what it has to offer or is merely beginning to carve a niche in the market, waiting for the right opportunity.

Secondly, be sure about  the expertise of company web developers. For, traditionally standard ecommerce web design and programming web site development are two different areas all together. Web developers need to be well-versed  and challenging with what they do.

Thirdly, see to it that the company’s office is in good location and accessible. As it matters a lot. Also make sure to check for how long has the company been in this business and what amount of experience does it have. The more you are aware, the better for you.

Fourthly, see to it that you personally get in touch and make note of the progress on your project. Whether it is face to face meetings or telephonic conversation. Do not hesitate to monitor or share your views and ideas with the company’s web developers. They may turn out to be profitable.

Points – one must keep in mind when preparing for a good e-commerce web site:

Content is the king for website. Without the proper content, your web site does not get the credibility it deserves and does not attract enough users. Though adding content is a difficult task, it has to be done, to grab readers attention by fresh and updated content. There are number of ways to insert inventories into your e-commerce web site. Firstly, create fields like product name, description, color, etc in an Excel sheet. Through which, your web design company can send all your product details uploaded on the web site. Images must be attached to products in the excel sheets as well as in a folder separately. Or else, you can add products one by one with the help of your e-commerce administration tool. As all e-commerce administration tools allow the freedom to add, edit, and remove products on your own.

Your credibility and authenticity gets affected by the quality of images you upload on the site. ‘Pictures speak more than words’ – this is very true in case of e-commerce web site development. Here, images bring you all the credit. Therefore, they must be digitally clear – quality wise. Every angle and position of the product must be well portrayed because before buying visitors want an overview of the product. A user takes in every minute detail of the web site, services and products and finally decides upon whether to purchase or not.

Make sure the images appear clearly when you click the photographs. Or, hire a professional photographer for the task. Your photo and price details affect the customers decision. Attract customers by creating impressive impact on them by the look of your web site. Make sure to have an organized and easy-to-navigate site and not make customers feel annoyed or lost. Include contact details, policies and agreements, and order questions section under customer services. So that they have no further doubts and exit your website with a smile.

Here are a couple final things to think about:

  1. Your homepage = your storefront. Shoppers need to be TOLD and SOLD on what looks good so make it look good and make customers confident with phone numbers and security logos.
  2. Your online store = your floor layout. A site without a good navigation is like a store with no particular sections and just an unorganized mess.
  3. Info on your web site = your sales staff. Save call-ins and annoying customer service calls via pages that answer questions, allow users to contact with order questions, and offer all policies and agreements.
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