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So, Your Marketing Team Wants You To Blog…

Jan 12, 2016
Blogging for website traffic

So you’re thinking about hiring an online marketing company to manage everything digital. You sit down in a meeting and they bring up your “Content Strategy” and it all sounds amazing. And they ask you, “How many blog posts do you think you could write in one month?”
The first thought that comes to your mind is, “Wait a second. Why do I have to do all the writing?
The answer to that is a pretty simple one: If they were really good at what you do, and knew all you know about it, your marketing company would have your job. But they don’t – your marketing company is good at positioning and presenting your company. You’re the one who knows everything about what you do!

There are some very real reasons why you should be involved in the creation of your site’s content, and especially your blogging.


1.Why Blog In the First Place?

Blogging has a great benefit for your search engine marketing. Blog posts are a great way to add keyword phrases to your site, improve your traffic, and earn links. As ATAK’s Director of Search Marketing, I love regular blog posts for the long-term search traffic gains.
As a content marketer though, I love blogging as a sales and branding opportunity. Regular blogging gives readers a perspective on a company’s staff, culture, and knowledge that’s hard to get through other kinds of marketing copy, like email newsletters or sales page content.
Blogging gives you the space and freedom to show a bit of personality, while expressing opinions about your business and your industry as a whole. It can be an education tool, a professional playground, or a loyalty builder. Most importantly though, blogging helps to establish you as an industry leader.

2. Outsourcing Your Blog Writing Yields Mixed Results

Can you get everything written for you? Of course. There are different degrees of pre-fabricated content, and not all of it is bad. There are some really great ways to get original content out there without passing someone else the reins to all of your content.
For some companies, the only goal of blogging is Search Engine Optimization, which means that all blog posts are written just for keywords. This can lead to a relationship with a copywriter that involves sending them a list of topics or titles, then posting anything they send you on your blog.
When you hand all writing over to your marketing company and copywriters, the content is so far removed from your knowledge and professional experience that you’re probably putting out information that nobody is really curious to read. You might get rankings, but you’re unlikely to see converting traffic, let alone actual customers.
If you continue with this style of third-party content, you’re going to end up with a lot of introductory blog posts, but nothing that dives deep on one subject and offers a unique perspective and point of view. You end up with articles that could’ve been posted anywhere and written by anyone.

3. The Value of Being Valuable

If you are still too busy to write, but you want original writing with your perspective, then being interviewed by a copywriter may be the right option for your content marketing efforts.
This is where a different type of relationship with a copywriter can come in handy. Many copywriters will interview their subject about a variety of topics, and then write these conversations up as blog posts, white papers, case studies and more.
This can take some of the pain out of having to create regular content, while still keeping your authority and voice in what is being created. If you block off a couple of hours to talk to a copywriter, you can generate a surprising number of blog post topics!
This will result in content that can have some depth and expertise, but a copywriter still lacks the nuance that comes with direct authorship of original articles.
There’s no denying that writing is a time-consuming activity, and building it into your week can be pretty difficult. Interruptions take you off your stride, and you can completely lose your train of thought.
The best kind of content to put up on your website, however, comes with the professional knowledge, experience, and judgment of someone who is working in the industry day-to-day. Your marketing company wants you to write the posts on your blog because that’s what’s going to make the greatest impact.
When you’re the one at the keyboard, you can bring your personality and intimate knowledge of your business and industry to your visitors, and that shows. You’re going to bring traffic in – and keep it. This isn’t just a search traffic builder, it’s a search and online marketing builder. Your content becomes valuable, linkable, and comment-worthy. Your posts and articles are more likely to attract interest and an audience.

There’s No Shortcut to Good Writing

The uncomfortable truth, as it so often is, is that you just have to do the work. Writing is hard, but with practice you can learn what makes it easiest and fastest for you to build up a really useful library of your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge.
As a marketing company, our goal is to make your company look good to customers. As online marketers, we’ve seen inauthentic writing flop again and again. The best returns come when customers feel they’re being informed and even entertained by someone who knows what they’re talking about.

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