Let’s Stop Calling It A “Webinar”

B2B Marketing Agency Insight Stop Calling it Webinar

Driven by the shift to remote work, 2020 has proven so far to be a great year for the word “webinar”. However, with everyone hosting one these days, the term “webinar” has lost most of its impact. In this episode of B2B Marketing Agency Insights, ATAK Interactive CEO Austin LaRoche shares his insight into why the term “webinar” has reached its peak and offers alternatives you can use to better frame your next virtual session and stand out from the crowd.

Video transcription below:

Welcome back to B2B Marketing Agency Insights. I’m your host Austin LaRoche, CEO of ATAK Interactive. Now I’m going to be a little ranty today, okay? Little warning from the top – I’m getting a little ranty, all right? And what I’m getting ranty about is webinars. Not actual webinars, but the name “webinars”.

I think it’s time we stopped calling them webinars. You wanna know why? Because I don’t want to go to your webinar, okay? When you tell me you got a webinar, I’m like: “Okay, it’s gonna be me, a few other people who are going to go through a thing. It seems boring. You’re probably going to have a PowerPoint. It’s going to probably be poorly designed and you know, there’ll be some Q&A at the end, and then it’ll be okay or whatever.

But it’s just, I don’t know, I think from a pre-COVID world, I was just bored out by webinars and then COVID hit and it was like, “Oh my gosh, we’re all doing webinars. It’s all we can do. It’s webinars 24/7, all the webinars you can get.

And I just think there are better ways to frame it because when you look at the functionality of a webinar, right, all you’re doing is creating a Zoom that you’re giving people access to. And then everyone’s just in a Zoom room – or whatever, you know, I don’t know if you use GoToMeeting or one of those other tools, but you should use Zoom. Anyway, you get everybody in the room and then you’re talking and you’re doing whatever. 

And so it’s…There’s all sorts of ways that you can frame it so it doesn’t sound as boring as a damn webinar. So, why don’t we talk about a few of those? 

First off, call it a round table. Get a couple of industry leaders and go, “Hey, this is what we’re going to talk about. We’re gonna have a little round table discussion about how our industry is going to be handling a post-COVID world.” And then before you know it, instead of going to a webinar, I’ve got a round table of four industry leaders who are going to be explaining things to me that I think are going to be very valuable, and I’m going to have the opportunity to, you know, ask them questions. 

Speaking of, if it’s going to be more of a Q&A, why don’t you just call it a Q&A? Make yourself readily available: “Hey, I’m hosting the Q&A asked me anything.” Very cool stuff.

If it’s going to be a smaller webinar, what if, instead of a webinar, you had an exclusive demo and you only invited four or five people. Or maybe you invite as many people as could possibly get in, but once you realize it’s only gonna be four or five people, then you say it’s an exclusive demo that you only sent a few emails for because only the most important people could be in this demonstration, not webinar, right?

I just think there’s other ways of presenting it. I think you can even do something like a presentation, a virtual presentation. I’m more interested in a virtual presentation than I am in a webinar. And I think this is an area where some creatives need to really come up with a new phrase to get me much more excited about going to these events, these digital events because honestly, I don’t want to go to your webinar.

I’ll go to your round table discussion. I’ll go to your Q&A. If you invite me, I’ll go to your exclusive demo or even your virtual presentation. That’s where we’re at now. Let’s see where we can get to tomorrow because I’d really like to see the idea of the webinar evolve in a way that makes me much more interested to go to them.

For all you guys out there who are doing webinars and you’re killing it, congratulations! I’m really supportive of it. I really like webinars, but I do think it’s time for us to just call them something else. 

And there we go, that was the rant. Hopefully, it wasn’t too ranty, okay? Hopefully, anybody out there who’s loving their webinars aren’t like, “Oh, I don’t think it’s bad.” But, in case you are, sorry, gotta have a little bit of a point of view.

And, on that note, thanks for watching B2B Marketing Agency Insights and good luck growing.

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