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The Benefits of Hiring a Full Service Agency

Nov 20, 2014

“What do you need?”


“Well, everything, I guess.”


“Good, you’ve come to the right place.”


Whether you’re launching a product, starting a business, or reshaping your organization’s infrastructure, there’s a holistic need to getting all of your marketing elements consistent and aligned. It requires a myriad of expertise to accomplish this, and the execution can be daunting and overwhelming. For example, let’s say you need a logo, package design, website, social media strategy, and help optimizing for search. With so many digital marketing experts and niche professionals out there, how do you determine which company or freelancer to hire for each vertical? And how do you make sure everyone will work harmoniously to get the desired result?


The truth is, you don’t have to. Enter the full-service digital marketing agency, the one-shop-fits-all solution to helping you with your marketing needs at a more reasonable cost than a hiring a Director or VP.


Here are a few benefits to working with a full service digital marketing agency that you may not have considered yet:


It gives you time to focus on what you do best.


Spending too much time and energy in something that is outside of your expertise not only is tiresome and stressful but slows down your business growth with a steeper learning curve. It’s a lot more work on your part to do the research on the ever-evolving digital world. Technology is constantly changing – leave it to the experts to be up-to-date with all the innovations. An agency will understand all of the new technologies and innovations and will make sure that all your marketing campaigns are fully leveraged to take advantage of these new developments.


It will save you money.


When hiring an agency, it is more likely than not that it will be less expensive than hiring an employee or attempting to do the work in-house. As mentioned above, think about all the thought, research, and time consumed in rebranding, design, and social media strategy and execution. You want to have high quality work and design, don’t sell yourself and your business short by trying to save some dollars. Many agencies, including ATAK, work with different size businesses and budgets where each project is customizable to meet the needs of every client.


All of your marketing will be harmonious.


It’s imperative that your branding is consistent across the board and across all social channels. This ranges from your web design to your social media to your letterhead. Maintaining consistent brand messaging is invaluable and one of the biggest benefits to hiring a full service digital marketing agency. For example, if your PR firm is sending a press release about a new product and your social media team is tweeting about an upcoming event, then the message is not aligned. When working with a full service agency, there is no need to piecemeal your digital marketing projects. When you piecemeal your work to different professionals, you risk having to rebrand due to the inconsistency or low quality work. An agency that has complete in-house capabilities is better equipped to manage your brand identity and image consistently.


The resources agencies have are endless.


When you work with a full service agency, you get valuable resources to help you with keyword lists, SEO, lead generation, social media, content writing, and much more. It’s one thing to get an aesthetically pleasing website but it’s another when that same agency can help you make that site convert into sales. Here at ATAK, we take pride in not only design and development that is high quality but one that has effective call to actions, and valuable SEO tools. We have an ambitious team of creative minds who are always looking for ways to bring value to their clients and bring their business to the next level.


What a minute...aren’t you guys a full-service digital agency? I feel like this article is a little biased.


Fair point. We’ll sign off and let a few happy clients tell you what they think.


Dina Kimmel of We Rock the Spectrum Kid's Gym


"ATAK was actually not a full service agency when I partnered with them. My business was growing and I wanted a company that would expand with my business; ATAK did just that. ATAK became my partner - not just someone I gave a paycheck to. They believed in my business and wanted to grow with me. I could have hired people in-house but that would have required personalities who all may not be on the same page and have the same mission as WRTS. Believing in our mission is very important to me and the growth of WRTS. ATAK has taken the time to educate me on SEO, social media, etc. and saw things that I needed in order to grow to be the company we are today."


Brian Kim of Hoopla Promo


“I contacted about three web development companies before contacting ATAK and several thereafter. David took an hour on the phone just to get to know me and my needs. The deciding factor in hiring ATAK was their personal approach. I felt like my needs came first. A few benefits are that you guys take on a lot of the workload so I can better utilize that time doing what I’m good at. That is one of the main aspects of utilizing an outside agency. You also challenge me and push me out of my comfort zone to grow. When I think of ATAK I think of your tagline “Let’s grow together.” I feel like that’s exactly what we’re doing.”


Janella Sigua of ACEBSA


“After interviewing over ten agencies, ACEBSA immediately knew they would be in good hands after meeting David and Austin. In addition to ATAK’s “due it together attitude,” ACEBSA was impressed by how personable and genuine they were, caring more about ACEBSA’s needs instead of making a profit compared to the other agencies interviewed.”


If you’re ready to grow your business and be in good hands, then give us a call at 855-472-1892 or email us at info@atakinteractive.com to learn how you can do just that.

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