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The Importance of Great Photography to Web Design

Feb 18, 2015
Great photography for web design

What goes into a web design? Well, a lot of things. Capturing a brand's aesthetic requires an extended inquiry process and ongoing collaboration between a company representative and members of our creative team. We want to see what a brand believes in, values, and represents to provide them with the best visual representation of their company. We recently went through this process with a great restaurant in Redondo Beach, California called Locale90. Below is a behind-the-scenes look at how we took an idea and began to shape it into a website with an on-site photo shoot.


Locale90 is a new and hip restaurant located in Redondo Beach, CA.  The owners, John and Jen, pride themselves in providing locally sourced and fresh ingredients and authentic Neapolitan style pizza, salads, and more.   After thoroughly searching for the right agency, John and Jen reached out to us for one specific reason: they absolutely loved the site we created for Joan's on Third.   They admired the clean lines, aesthetics, and inviting feel we created for Joan's on Third.  However, they wanted their own spin on it.  We agreed and always aim to make each site personable and customizable to our client's brand identity. But we also knew this - Joan's site was beautiful because the photography was powerful.


Photography is one important piece of the web design pie and by using professional high quality photographs on your website, you will be able to effectively tell the unique story of your brand.  In fact, 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.


A few weeks before the actual photo shoot, Josh and I drove down to Redondo Beach to meet with John and Jen so we could then dive in deeper and discuss their needs thereby allowing us to have a better understanding of who they are not only as business owners, but as individuals. Behind every brand is a story.  We wanted to hear their story.






As marketers, we want to convey a client's story without having to use too much text.  Photographs speak a thousand words.  We brought one of our favorite photographers to work with,  Ian Bailey, to the project.


Josh, Ian, and myself discussed our vision for the site and how Ian's work could help capture that.  We immediately knew that Ian was the right person for the job. His artistic approach and ability to listen to what we were looking for was impeccable.  We scheduled the photo shoot a week later.





We all see and post photos of food on Instagram but there is an actual art in capturing the right angle, lighting and look when doing food photography. We wanted to highlight the fresh ingredients as much as we could without having the photos look staged.  We wanted to maintain the authenticity we felt from not only the restaurant but from John and Jen.  Ian was able to do just that.





The food wasn't the only aspect, albeit a big part, of the story we wanted to share.  If you were to walk into Locale90, you'll notice the warm and inviting ambiance that John and Jen created.  We knew that we had to highlight the experience on their website as well.  When creating a site, you want to be able to not only sell but share.  People connect with people, not things.  One of those shots captures just that is featured below.






The photo shoot lasted several hours and the outcome was exceptional.  Going that extra mile in order to create the best website, the best story, and make our clients happy is always worth it.  We pride ourselves in putting our clients' needs first.  We can't wait to finally launch Locale90's new website and share John and Jen's story with you all.






Are you interested in learning more about what goes into creating a beautifully designed and responsive website?  Then feel free to give us a call at 855-472-1892 or email us at info@atakinteractive.com.



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