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ATAK Interactive’s 2014 Holiday Checklist

Nov 12, 2014

As the holidays approach we want to give you just a few, summarized and helpful tips of what you can do to prepare for a busy holiday season. We are just a couple weeks away from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but here are a few quick things you can do to give users the impression you have thought about them.


Site Cleanup (Broken Links, Text Changes, Load Time, Website Trust, Customer Service): First things first, make sure your site works and is totally secure from start to checkout. This is extremely important for online shoppers. All links must work, checkout must be clear with all holiday pricing rules set, and expected payment options available. Also, the last thing an online shopper wants to encounter is a slow moving site. Therefore, the site needs to be moving fast, too, as load time will drive users to leave. Lastly, make sure your website SSL (security certificate) is active or users will leave your website at checkout.


Focus In with Your Customer Service Team: Make sure all order management processes are finalized and all involved in your order process, from initial order to completion/shipping. Educate your team and make sure they know the procedure during this very busy time of year because we all know and assume customer expectations are higher than ever. Communicate with your team and make sure they all know your return policy and what he or she can and cannot say to a customer for all possible circumstances. Implementing live chat on your website could also be one consideration if you feel traffic and support needs to be dialed up during this time. You may also want to update the FAQ’s and terms pages on your website to avoid excessive customer support call traffic during this time.


Create a Marketing Strategy and Reach Out Regularly: Think about what content you have for this holiday season and plan/schedule your posts and emails so they are consistently on message, targeted, and festive for each platform. Try to engage customers to share purchases in action (video, images) and encourage customers to post reviews as part of this effort. Emails should be tasteful, enticing, but also timed well too. If you engage in search engine optimization (SEO), make sure your pages are optimized for this time of year. Also, if you do paid advertising on Google, Facebook, or other channels, your campaigns should be focused towards buyers and not so vague that the term can be clicked on by someone who may have no interest in what you offer.


Add Something Festive: Get in the festive mode and change your banners or slide shows to be holiday driven and make sure those slides go to your more popular holiday items. A great way to do this is to add an accent to your logo like google often does, or change the colors of some more popular buttons to draw attention. Simple and easy changes will prompt users to look around a little bit more the first time these changes pop up.


Make Products that Are Good Holiday Gifts a Focus: You want to highlight any and all holiday themed gifts and drive users to your most popular products for this time of year. To do this, you should create obvious call to action buttons and then create detailed, graphic and video driven landing pages for these products that provide quality information users rely on to make a purchase. Your newsletters should also focus on these popular holiday products when product areas are presented, and other email content can be written, alternatively or in conjunction, around these products in effort to drive people to buy online.


Incentivize Purchase with Coupon Codes: Everyone loves a discount, especially during the holidays. Create coupon codes and shipping discounts for your customers. Find opportunities to offer coupon codes such as, “buy one get one 50% off,” “orders above $100 ship free,” or “all items in the ‘holiday’ category are 10% off,” and there are other approaches too. Some ecommerce systems even allow bundles where you add three products and the fourth is included. You can also set a limit on availability of a coupon code to entice users to act fast (you would mention this in your holiday newsletter). Another great tip is to offer free next day delivery upgrades.


Optimize for Mobile Visits: More than 50% of United States users open their email on a smartphone. This means that if they do open that email they are also driven to visit your website on their phones. It’s crucial that your website is responsive or at the very least your newsletter is responsive. If you’re unsure how to create a responsive email, please call ATAK and we’ll walk you through the process.


You now have your list and you’ve checked it twice. However, if you’re still unsure about how to implement all the to-dos mentioned above, then give us a call at 855-472-1892 or email us at info@atakinteractive.com. We would love to help you get ready for the holiday season, and no, it is not too late!

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