ATAK Interactive Announces LaRoche as CEO, Ephraim to Develop Software Product

LOS ANGELES, CA – ATAK Interactive, a leading B2B Marketing Agency, announced today that Austin LaRoche will be the new Chief Executive Officer. David Ephraim, current CEO, will oversee the development of the company’s first software product, due for launch in early 2021. These changes will take effect March 1st.

LaRoche joined ATAK Interactive in 2014 when the company acquired his former agency, the Exacta Group. Since arriving, Austin has overseen all marketing activities for the company and their 50+ clients. In 2019, he developed the Purposeful Marketing Method, a simplified marketing strategy that helps companies stay focused and accountable to their larger growth goals.

“In the last half decade, ATAK has quintupled in size, most of that growth coming under David’s tenure as our CEO,” says LaRoche. “These are big shoes to fill, but I couldn’t be more excited to lead this organization into new frontiers and solidify our position as a purpose-driven agency that truly cares about our customers’ success. Our upcoming software will reflect these values and extend them into new arenas.”

Ephraim will focus on developing this software throughout the year, with a Q1 2021 release scheduled.

“For 15 years, we have been a service company,” Ephraim says, “and we have an incredible opportunity to release a product we have been dreaming of using ourselves. The path is paved, and I’m excited to get our MVP to the finish line.”

As CEO, LaRoche will oversee the growth of the company, its strategic partnerships, and the company’s role as a thought leader in B2B Marketing.

“Since I met Austin, I have seen how contagious his passion can be,” says Ephraim. “We need his energy, vision, and leadership to get where we want to go this decade and I have no doubt we’re going to get there.”

The downtown-Los Angeles based agency is expected to see significant growth in 2020 across all of its marketing, creative, and development sectors.