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9 Reasons Why WordPress Is The Most Popular Content Management System

Mar 19, 2014

WordPress is an open sourced Content Management System (CMS) platform first developed in 2003 to originally serve bloggers. Today, WordPress has evolved to be used as full content management system for even some of the most detailed websites. WordPress now offers thousands of plugins and widgets, as well as themes for all website types.  As e-commerce and web development specialists, we at ATAK Interactive want to share the advantages of the WordPress Content Management System and point out some of the reasons why WordPress is the most common, and our favorite, CMS platform right now. To see examples of ATAK’s WordPress clients with conversion friendly website design please check ATAK’s portfolio:


(1) WordPress is Free and Very Capable
WordPress is free to download and use, but supported by thousands of developers independently. Some web designers still think WordPress is only for blog content management but that has changed dramatically. Today, WordPress is fully capable to create and backbone all types of websites, including ecommerce for some applications. Over 7.5 million websites were built with WordPress and 1.2 million of them are the most popular and visited websites in the world.

(2) Easy To Use
Editing web pages on WordPress is only slightly more difficult than doing basic edits on Microsoft Word. WordPress is designed to be as easy to use as possible. At the same time, WordPress has loads of functionality as well for more advanced user, but fortunately those harder and unnecessary features are easy to ignore during the development process if not needed, and you can return to visit those items later, if/when needed.

(3) Media Library Is Included
As we all know, text based websites are not fancy and eye catching. Today, a compelling website needs images, videos, graphics, podcasts, etc. to increase website user engagement. Thanks to WordPress’s media library, these are all easy to use and manage. Website administrators can manage a professional-looking gallery without knowing a single bit of code.

(4) Themes are Available to Save Money
Themes are premade, editable, website templates (already coded but customizable) where the design, look, color, and layout of your website are predetermined to save time. There are thousands of very cool themes available if custom design is out of budget, thus leaving all work to setup, minor graphics changes, and webste content (text) inclusions.

Choosing a right theme, though, is crucial in terms of your navigation’s success and ATAK Interactive has installed and customized many themes for all business types. WordPress has tons of themes for whatever the purpose of your website.

(5) Plugins
As we said in the beginning, WordPress is an open source platform so developers are the ones who actually improve the platform. WordPress, out of the box, may not have all of the functionality you will need. If you need something more specific such as a special gallery or a polls tool, your website developer can find tons of free plugins and quickly install them so you can start using the plugin on your own website. These plugins are beneficial to customize your website to your target audience.

(6) Control and User Accounts
Everybody wants to control their website content and material without needing to call a website developer to do something like make a small edit or change an image. WordPress allows an administrator to manage these features. WordPress also has a user registration section (which can be installed when applicable) that allows your visitors to maintain their own profiles on your website via an account area. You, as the administrator control what levels of access they will have. Spam controls come standard with WordPress.

(7) Nonstop Updates
Because WordPress is so popular, updates keep coming constantly to evolve and improve the platform with more features that developers need. The WordPress team seems to never stop working on their platform.

(8) Best Blogging Ever
WordPress started as a blogging content management system, so nobody knows better about blogging than them. WordPress is far beyond simple blogging, but they haven’t forgotten their roots. The biggest way to make your website survive, rank higher on search engines, increase traffic and popularity is to have a blog and to be updating that blog weekly with new posts. If you don’t know about how crucial it is to have an active blog for your website please check our blog post about blogging:


(9) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
A website’s success is only possible if it found by its target market. If your website isn’t search engine friendly then it means it’s invisible. Basically, SEO is the practice experts apply to your website to get more rankings on Google. A more search engine friendly means the higher your website will be on Google search results when people type in keywords relevant to your business and location. The code generated by WordPress has been engineered to give your website higher rankings. To learn more about how to make your website more SEO friendly please read our blog: https://www.atakinteractive.com/how-to-make-seo-friendly-ecommerce-website/

In conclusion, WordPress was born out of a desire for an elegant, well-architectured personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL (open source and free to use). WordPress is fresh software, but its roots and development go back to 2001. WordPress is a mature and stable product and by focusing on user experience and web standards WordPress is a website development tool/platform different from anything else out there. Because WordPress is an open source platform, it is literally free to use, and simple to use, where even regular human beings and not just nerdy web development guys and girls can play the game.

As WordPress, CMS, and ecommerce web development specialists we at ATAK Interactive always ready to help businesses to beat the competition by growing their online exposure faster and more effective than others. We are specialized on web design and development with more than 10 years of experience. If you need any help on your business’s website or your SEO or social media strategies, please give us a call so we can help you make decisions best for your business. Call Us: 1-855-472-1892.



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