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8 Ways To Segment Your E-mail List

May 07, 2014

Have you heard about email list segmentation? Business managers and marketing managers should know that one of the best ways to boost campaign’s effectiveness depends on how accurate messaging is positioned. Often, a business has more than one user type; certainly male or female, young and more mature, etc. E-mail marketing is all about hitting a lot of people in a most accurate way with the ultimate goal being the conversion of readers to sales. Below are a few list types ATAK Interactive asks our clients to consider when creating different newsletter user lists.

By Age
Segmenting your e-mail list by age demographic means you are aware of your target audience for that specific e-mail campaign. Teenagers are way different than adults, and women different than men. If you are going to talk about or offer a happy hour event, you should probably go with under 35’s. If you don’t have this kind of data, we recommend buying it. It’s worth it.

By Gender
Similar to age, targeting men is totally different than women for almost every business or industry.

This segmentation method is one of our favorites. A business must understand and cater to its geographic location. Always try to target specific geographical areas, especially if you know their behaviors are different (or you think and want to test) to hit locals by talking directly to them. Using zip code ranges, states, or countries are all ways to segment. Consider weather as a type of message that may be different during summer in California when the weather in Argentina is cold. A holiday email in the United States will not apply in Canada or Mexico.

Abandoned Shopping Carts
If you are in the e-commerce business you know how important abandoned shopping cart tracking can be. To increase your sales, immediately, segment your list with these “abandoned cart” clients so you can send them a special offer or something to get them back to make a purchase.

Loyal Ones
With ecommerce reporting via purchase or open rate history, you can track down your loyal customers. Why not to rewarding them? Send unique emails to loyal customers. You may be able to offer them less of an incentive, but one that keeps them feeling special. You can also use these “loyal customers” to help spread the word or collect testimonials. This is a very important list.

By Opt-in Source/Type
Segment your list regarding to where your customers come from or how they may classify themselves. For example, if you are getting a lot of new subscribers from your social media sites send those users an e-mail that talks about Facebook or Twitter. This is kind of win-win because you can hit your social media followers without annoying your readers.  To get these users you can make your signups on those pages automatically go into a different list so this is not tedious. If you have questions, ask us how.

By Job Title and Function
This segmentation method is very effective, especially on B-to-B e-mail campaigns. Often businesses who use email marketing have many different types of customers for different things. One business could cater to retailers, wholesalers, contractors, consultants, agents or outside salespeople, and more.

By Clicks
Many e-mail providers let you to segment your list by clicks. It means you can track down your readers according to their clicks on specific links. If they click on services then you can send those people a follow up about your services. This is a smart way to hit them by their interests about your company. You have to be careful with this one, however, as many people can be turned off by the fact you have tracked them. Make sure your policies state this may be happening and make sure you do not scare clients away with overly offensive marketing.

In conclusion, there are endless ways of segmenting your e-mail list, and every business is different. We know that it feels overwhelming to segment your entire list from scratch. Try to start with a short list and allow your e-mail marketing targeting to expand naturally. Start customizing your messages by segment and track the results carefully, and over a fairly understanding timeline so you have a good measure of what works because time of year is also a factor to consider.

User your email tracking results wisely. You will see on your tracks that some of your segmented lists respond better than others. Fix or remove ineffective campaigns and improve the successful ones. It is all about creating e-mail that tailored for the right group of people at the right time. Some email campaign types will work well for two years and then become irrelevant. You must know that this type of marketing will always need to be modified based on your business and your goals. Competition will also play a big role and ATAK Interactive recommends you follow them to make sure you are competing, if not winning.

At ATAK Interactive we offer lots of online marketing campaign services to our clients to increase their sales and reach. If you are interested please do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to call us at 1-855-472-1892. One can also learn more by visiting our website: www.atakinteractive.com




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