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8 Tips to Ensure Your Newsletter Campaign Succeeds

Apr 22, 2014

An email newsletter can be a very powerful and effective tool to increase sales, if you can use it in the right way of course. Sending a fine tuned email newsletter once a week or once a month, if done correctly, will increase your engagement and will covert to sales through non offensive brand promotion. As eCommerce and online marketing specialists, we at ATAK Interactive want to share how to increase your sales by applying an email newsletter campaign to your marketing schedule. We have 8 tips below to help out with planning your newsletter.

Create Brand Awareness
To familiarize your subscribers with your brand, try to send out weekly or monthly newsletters to let subscribers know what’s new and what things your brand is planning to do in the near future. Think about the “relationships” you nurture both inside and outside of work. Sending a newsletter keeps your business or service on your subscriber’s spectrum, just as you call a friend to check in and see how they are doing. Generally speaking, people are more likely to buy from your company if they know who you are and feel you generally care. If your business comes to mind when someone asks a reader if they know someone who offers “x” then you are likely to get a new customer. A great, non-offensive way to keep your colleagues thinking about you is to send out a newsletter, one that reminds them about you but also one that benefits them with some piece if new information to help them succeed.

Make Opt-In Easy for Your Followers
To generate sales leads via a newsletter you need to first get new visitors to sign up. Add a line at the bottom of all marketing materials (print materials) as well as online marketing materials pushing customers to sign up for a free subscription. Put your “newsletter free sign up” button everywhere, and make sure your newsletter template has links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, printed ads, brochures, catalogs, etc. so to make sure the client is in the complete brand funnel.

Give Free Helpful Tips
A very simple way to attract more readers and more potential customers is to give free information and helpful tips that will make their lives easier, or your products more effective. These tips should be helpful for everyone who receives this newsletter, regardless if they work with you or not, to demonstrate that your company is an industry expert. Push them to website products and services, or pages you want them to see, via hyperlinked text and images. Checklists, do’s and don’ts, and top 10 lists are great ways to attract attention because users tend to think that those types of articles are quick and less painful to decipher.

Reward Customer Loyalty
As we all know repeat customers can make or break business success. Your newsletter should always consider these customers because newsletter readers are most likely customers or people who are considering hiring you. One way to continually engage your existing customers is by providing specials or coupons within your content. Rewarding customer loyalty is common sense.

Choose Your Articles Carefully
Every article should be used to generate specific results. Avoid articles that have nothing to do with your business (generic filler material). If your goal is to increase sales we find it smart to introduce a new product or service in a matter that proves the service is useful and needed. Case studies can help. If brand awareness is another goal, write about an event or something going on at the business like a new service announcements, new hire announcements, etc. Another could be a client spotlight or case study to show your readers how they can benefit from you, practically.

Testimonials Are Effective
Customer testimonials can be extremely persuasive to potential clients. A most effective way to use a customer testimonial is to do a “feature” story on one of your satisfied customers. Give some details about how you helped them and get a testimonial in writing from them that says how great you performed and how great your services are. Your newsletter readers will see these happy clients which can persuade them to make a call if they can identify with the person’s testimonial. That person may be in the same business as the person giving the testimonial, or has a similar concern that now has been alleviated by someone they can see themselves being. If you are having trouble getting testimonials try to send out a feedback form to your customers. Ask open-ended questions like “How satisfied are you with the product you ordered?”

Create a Dedicated Landing Page for Each Email Campaign
This step sounds a bit nerdy but we will explain our theory to you in the easiest and understandable way. Every website has a homepage, but that website also has specific product or services/features pages and maybe some blogs and other resources that convert visitors to customers. ATAK Interactive recommends you create single, new pages for your website specific for the email campaign you send out (such as a 4th of July page if you sell products that sell on the 4th of July). That new page can be your newsletter reader’s landing page geared specifically for that event, which will just talk about that email’s content instead of your generic homepage. More user centric engagement means more sales. If visitors are interested about your email newsletter and click on that link, let them see that stuff on the landing page relative to what they clicked on so to convert that visit to a sale.

Study Email Analytics
Log into your email client and view what your customers are clicking on so you can see what items are getting more clicks than others. This evidence will give you an ideas for your next move. A study of your analytics is effective in terms of your strategy.

In conclusion, email marketing is still an incredibly effective way to reach first time and repeat customers, ultimately increasing sales. Sending out a newsletter doesn’t mean effective execution is a guarantee, and in fact sending the wrong message can even hurt your brand. As web marketing specialists, we at ATAK Interactive have gone through the rigors of testing many ideas and tools/elements to see what works and what does not. We know how to help you out so that this service will lead to conversions. This article was meant to give you some ideas on how to get started, but we are happy to assist and even manage your newsletter campaign if you would like us to. Please do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to call us at 1-855-472-1892 to discuss your marketing campaigns and to learn more about service offerings we know will lead to more conversions at a profitable return on investment. To learn more start at our home page: www.atakinteractive.com




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