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7 Tips to Grow “Local Followers” On Social Media

Mar 03, 2014

Social media presence is one of the biggest issues in today’s business world. Every business, whether it is local, national, or international wants to generate leads by creating and maintaining a well-rounded social media presence. To achieve this goal, there is one big step businesses have to pass, they need followers, as many as they can grab. More followers means more reach, and more reach means more leads to generate. As web development and marketing specialists, we at ATAK Interactive want to share 7 tips for you to increase your local followers on social media platforms. Every business is unique and every business can take advantage of social media in a specific way. What you should do is to choose the best outlet and increase your follower’s engagement so to lead the conversation in your space. Being in the conversation with your followers (customers, clients, target market, potential customers, etc.) is going to help your business to grow and increase loyalty.

Social Media Icons on Your Website
On your website and/or blog, you should definitely embed widgets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Leading your site visitors to “like” buttons or twitter feeds is going to grow your follower number. Fan box widgets can help your visitors to see who likes you and what you fan page looks like so to drive more attraction. Social media tools and plugins like such are useful to grab attention so users click the like button or click to view your page.

Make Friends in Your Community by Interacting and Participating
This step is the heart of social media presence and the smartest move to be successful on social media. A few times a week, preferably once a day, try to like or share local community events and non-advertising posts from other pages. Be careful what to like and/or comment on as it’s crucial to be in your business’s community rather than wasting time places that do not make sense. The reason for this move to participate is to entice others to share your content as well. You will then become, or appear as, a leading source of local information instead of a pushy marketing company. You can foster business relationships which will help both sides to grow exposure. Last, you will save some time from creating original content everyday by simply participating on other pages within your demographic, a win-win situation. If you can apply this step to your campaign, you will increase your followers and also be in the exact conversation that you should be.

Get Your Current Customers On Board
Getting your customer’s attention about your fan page (social media) in-store is very important. By putting your URL or QR code on printed receipts, sales orders, bags or packaging, email signatures, print or TV ads or anything you hand the customer is going to increase engagement. Offer them something special on those QR codes and watch what happens!

Run In-Store Contests On Facebook
The biggest mistake about contests on Facebook is to give away big prizes like trips, iPads, or computers. Why? First of all, it is money wasting for small, local businesses, and you are not always going to attract people care about your business or products/services. There are very clever ways to increase presence in one geographical area and to use contest prizes that reward customer loyalty. Otherwise, so many unrelated people will get in the contest just to get the free stuff, and then you will likely see them drop as followers shortly after. Offer local followers something from your store (can be as simple as a coupon) and post the winner on your page and also in-store. Also you don’t really have to run contests; you could regularly give away some tickets, special coupons, or gifts from sponsors to people who like your page and buy something in store. That will keep your current followers on watch and will bring more people through your doors.. Rewarding them can be useful to get more likes by word of mouth.

Targeted Ads on Facebook
Like we mentioned above, it is very important for local businesses to target their market and run a contest for a specific geographical area. If you don’t target your market specifically you will waste time and money. Facebook has a GEO targeted ads for this purpose. You can advertise based on their location and their likes to hone in on the right people. For example ATAK Interactive could target all users in Los Angeles who like Best Buy and Fry’s. Also when you are searching for conversations to jump in, you should search to match certain words within a certain mile radius. That will help you to be in the roh so you can lead the right people to your store.

Creating customer testimonials are very useful to increase your loyalty and credibility on potential customer’s eyes. This is the easiest and cheapest way to grow exposure on social media. Put your logo, date and the testimonial with the writer’s (client’s) name and post it.

Always Post What Are You Up To
Tell your fans about your clients or events or whatever you are doing, sharing is crucial. Create engagement with your followers and be in the conversation, responsively.

In conclusion, as web development and social media specialists, we at ATAK Interactive want to share these significant steps with local businesses to help their exposures to grow. Further than these, we are always here to help businesses to grow their online exposure in every smart and possible way. Visit our website to see more about ATAK Interactive at www.atakinteractive.com.




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