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6 Ways to Earn Loyal, Repeat Ecommerce Customers

Feb 10, 2014

As a business owner, it can be easy to get caught up in chasing down new customers. But if you take a step back, you may realize that you've been overlooking your repeat customers. Loyal shoppers convert easily, spend more, cost less to service, and help spread the world about a good online shopping experience.

According to Marketing Metrics, eConsultancy, and Adobe, loyal shoppers demonstrate 5 to 9 times greater conversion rates than 1st time buyers. The interesting part about this statistical information is repeat shoppers in the U.S. represent 8% of all site visitors but also they represent 41% of total online sales. This data shows us how crucial repeat customers are in terms of sales and a website’s future, obviously. Given almost the half of total sales are repeat business, we see this is a number too big to ignore or avoid. The challenge for online merchants is to earn repeat business.

To meet this challenge there are 6 steps we feel should be followed for your online retail businesses. As eCommerce specialists, we at ATAK Interactive wanted to explain these steps to make sure you're not just getting new customers, but keeping them.

Offer Quality Products

As we all know, customers will not return a second or third time if the product or service you provide for them had a low quality or broke soon after it arrived. A most crucial step to have repeated and loyal customers, especially on an ecommerce level where users do not actually get to hold your product, is to provide the best quality products with a competitive price, which we will talk about in a second.

Excellent Customer Service

From Zendek’s survey; 72% of respondents said that customer service was what made them loyal to a particular brand. Excellent customer service should be responsive and effective. Making the shopper happy in every process of shopping is crucial to build a long-term relationship. Make sure automatic emails are in place and are clear. Make sure customer service inquiries are answered within 12-24 hours.

Sell at Competitive Prices

Price matters, especially for branded, consumable items. Even if loyal customers are happy with your website’s shopping experience, still there is a high risk they leave you for a cheaper price if they can find the products cheaper elsewhere (shipping price included). Setting your prices on a competitive balance is crucial to keep repeat customers coming back. Please do not ignore shipping costs. Many users will get through checkout only to find shipping is too expensive. They will then leave to a competitor who has a cheaper “total” cost.

Be Very Convenient

Shopping online should be very easy and user friendly. 40% of shoppers said that convenience contributed to brand loyalty. Offering customer accounts with the ability to quickly reorder, or even let shoppers log in using social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. Other things to include are detailed filters for product areas, better presentation of photos so customers can almost feel as if they were right in front of the product, allowing customers to have a wish list to come back to, etc. Creating a convenient eCommerce website is the key point to increase conversion rates and obviously your sales. You can visit our website to check some fresh, convenient, and user-friendly websites from our portfolio. https://www.atakinteractive.com/portfolio.php

Reward Repeat Customers

Everyone wants to be treated well especially the repeat customers. They want to see the appreciation from your company after 2 or 3 purchases. Offering coupons, discounts, better shipping options, or faster customer service response times is the most effective way to keep your repeat customers. For example, the ridesharing application Lyft really cares about repeat customers. They monitor all repeat customers and if they didn’t use the application for a while they send them an email saying exactly this on subject line, “One free ride for you!” When you open it, it says, “Because we like you.” It continues like we really missed you etc. Long story short, these kinds of coupons or discounts are going to make your repeat customer come back and build a long relationship with them. Smart move.

Keep Saying, “Thank You”

Saying thank you to a repeat customer is free and also has a huge impact. Kindness and gratitude for a customer’s business is an undeniable way to further enchant them for the long-term. To build a better long relationship, if you can send a hand-signed thank you card to a shopper after he/she made more than two purchase. It will probably cost your business decent money but your return on investment should be high as well.

In conclusion, you can follow these simple steps to gain/keep your repeat customers. Repeat customers are as important as getting new shoppers to your website, are the only ones who keep your sales high and ongoing with less acquisition cost. We at ATAK Interactive have even more information on the importance of repeat and loyal customers, but feel this is a great starting point. Feel free to call us for a consultation to make your eCommerce website more effective. Feel free to also read out ecommerce service information at https://www.atakinteractive.com/services/73/e-commerce-web-design.php.

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