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6 tips to get more website traffic from youtube

Apr 12, 2013

YouTube is a great place to share videos and even learn new things, and it is also an excellent way for you to generate traffic for your website. In fact, 79% of Fortune Global 100 companies have a branded YouTube channel according to global public relations and communications firm Burson-Marsteller. Los Angeles SEO specialist ATAK Interactive shares some ways you can use YouTube to not only get your company some free publicity, but also to use it to attract more visitors to your website.

1. Be original and creative. Chances are unless your business revolves around a very niche topic, there is some sort of video already posted on YouTube that is relative to your company. Take some time to do your research and determine what has already been posted and how you can create something different that will attract viewers. This can mean putting your own angle on an existing topic, or if the video that exists is poor in quality or execution, using your expertise to create a similar but better video. Either way, don’t try to replicate something that is already there or you’ll be wasting your time in the end when you have little viewers.

2. Post something that will appeal to the masses. This means that your video should be as general as possible without losing its uniqueness and differentiation from every other video out there. The more people who want to see your video, the better the chances of increasing traffic to your website.

3.Create a series of videos instead of just standalone ones. By posting frequent videos that are relevant to each other and maybe even is a continuation of the previous one, you can quickly build a loyal viewership of individuals who want to find out what you’ve posted next. Encouraging subscriptions to your channel is a good idea as well, but beware that frequent viewers who rely on your next video being posted within a short amount of time may get frustrated if you lapse for any reason.

4. Be sure to include your website and logo. That traffic on your website you were hoping for from YouTube may never come if you don’t promote your website and company brand through your videos. Include these in small type on the bottom of each of your videos, and also include them in the video description and comments that are located below each video.

5. Respond to any feedback or questions you may receive. It is important for your viewers to feel that they can connect with you, along with feeling that you value them enough to respond to their questions and comments. The key to using YouTube as a means of gaining valuable viewership is to build loyalty and trust with your potential customers.

6. Engage with owners of videos on similar topics. Use your competition to your advantage by become a regular subscriber to comparable video authors and commenting on their postings. Leave valuable suggestions or ask relevant questions while asking for their feedback of your videos, and including a link to your website for their viewers to see as well.

YouTube is a great medium for sharing your expertise with others, but a key thing to always remember when creating a video is to keep it short, fun, and engaging. The effect you want is to have viewers waiting for your next video, and if you use your creativity well, this is entirely possible. Los Angeles web development agency ATAK Interactive also recommends posting every video from YouTube to either a dedicated page on your website or to your blog. This way, the flow of traffic to and from YouTube and your website can be open and hopefully increasing with each new viewer.

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