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6 Ecommerce Design Trends For 2014

Jan 30, 2014

Ecommerce site developers and owners today have more capability due to the many advances in ecommerce software platforms such as Magento:
http://www.magentocommerce.com/blog/comments/magento-community-edition-1810-is-here/. Online commerce is getting more interwoven than ever and much more competitive. One should not expect anything less in 2014. Redesigning your website, or elements of your website is no longer optional, but rather a necessity. Some markets require daily updates for sales or changes in service offers, and more.

Responsive Design

As we mentioned above, mobile is going to grow exponentially in 2014 and is expected to account for 30% of total online sales. That doesn’t mean we should abandon desktop users, not at all. Responsive design website will take control of the industry allowing online merchants to provide a great experience regardless of the customer’s device. For further information please visit ATAK Interactive’s responsive designs. https://www.atakinteractive.com/services/1217/responsive-web-design.php

Finger Friendly Interfaces

Because of the growth in mobile usage, finger friendly interfaces are becoming more and more significant in terms of users convenience. As web site designers, we at ATAK Interactive always suggest our clients build their websites on a responsive design, and finger friendly, especially for ecommerce sites. Finger friendly interface comes with a responsive design. One important issue when doing this is to create larger navigation buttons for your mobile-based users. Small “next” or “previous” buttons are very annoying and difficult to use on a mobile device. If you are a ecommerce site owner, you wouldn’t risk your sales just because your customers are not comfortable with your web design.

Flat Design

This new type of design can be seen in the Windows8 or Apple’s IOS7 and also in dozens of popular websites. Flat design leads users to simple interfaces that are relatively responsive. The biggest reason to use flat design on an ecommerce website is it has smaller file size which provides way much faster loading pages.

One Page Strategy

In 2014, we will start to see more content on a single page. Capability of getting the product’s information without leaving the categories page is priceless for an online shopper. This strategy provides a more clean, fresh and easy to use shopping experience for your customers. This consideration is also inevitable for mobile oriented shoppers.

Big Graphics

The need for finger friendly interfaces must lead ecommerce website owners to put better quality images/product photos their sites. This will provide convenience for both desktop and mobile users.

Video Content

According to usage reports, video consumption on web is going to keep rising on 2014. For online retailers, this will be an excellent medium to show detailed information about their products. We find it evident that shoppers don’t mind watching videos unless it’s excessively long or boring.

In conclusion, we wanted to share the trends for an ecommerce website design regarding to the fast paced environment of online shopping. As ATAK Interactive we are always ready to help our ecommerce clients to improve their websites for a better shopping experience and as a result increase on sales.

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