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5 Ways to Start to Manage Your Reputation on the Web

May 28, 2014

So, you want to be the coolest kid on Google and everywhere else? Reputation management has become one of the biggest challenges for any type of online or offline business. Managers find it pretty tough to manage their business’ reputation so to look most positive when shoppers compare your business to your competitors. Today more than ever, the online world is a fast paced environment and extremely sensitive, from a wording perspective but to also a timing perspective.

For example, if you are a restaurant and have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Yelp profiles. It is vital to manage your reputation perfectly on them, and almost right away so to make sure users feel important and attended too. If you don’t show love, you could not only run the risk of giving users the impression they are ignored, but you could also rub a sensitive customer the wrong way which prompts a negative review that can be seen by ANY future potential customer checking for reviews. A Few bad reviews or comments on these platforms might affect your business, terribly.

One could then think about hiding from social media, trying to be “traditional,” but that’s not going to help you at all as now your potential customers will be searching for you on Google with little info for them to learn about you, let alone even find you due to the strength these social outlets have with search engine results. Given you must be registered with these outlets, today in 2014, you must realize users will potentially see any and every comment and review out there.

Below are the 5 steps that you should follow to manage your reputation online and this is for people who are not Internet experts, hopefully it will be easy for anyone else to understand and apply.

Step 1: Google Search and Alerts Settings
First, search for yourself or your business on Google and see what’s showing on the first two pages (at least). Also do the search on the Images section and detect all the bad reviews or articles or news or any written proof that talks about you. After that, set up a Google Alerts account on your name and track all the possible upcoming new content which says your name in it. You can get your alerts into your e-mail and track them easily, and immediately, after they showed up on Google.

Step 2: Domain Names
This will cost you $12 per domain name, so please take this seriously. Buy as many domain names as you can which are related to your name or business name. This way you can use those domains to have a website, or protect those domains from someone to use against you, or you can create additional landing pages so to use content to move bad reviews down via search engine optimized pages that work against those. You have to understand it is very important to be strategic, thinking about now but also the future. Even if you are not going to have a website now, one should still try to buy the domains and simply put a single about page with biography or something about you up there which can point to the main website. You can put some comments or news up there so just make it look like kind of busy with keywords and good explanation/content.

Step 3: Online Content Wholeness/Alignment
ATAK advises if you use third party tools like a WordPress blog or something like a Tumblr account that you make sure that these pieces sit behind your main URL and not at a separate URL driven by WordPress or Tumblr. Google is looking for content to be aligned with the correct URL which a business owns and has registration information listed with their registrar.

Step 4: Social Media Platforms
No brainer: Please, even if you don’t have any time to manage these social media profiles, at least be on them. Sign up and leave it ready for the next steps in the future. It really depends on your business to decide on which platform to be on, but the ones that are closed for debate are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Other than those, you can also consider Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube. As social media specialists, we at ATAK Interactive provide the best campaign management and strategic solution services for our clients to increase their online presence by using social media leverage.  It’s not that complicated nor is it rocket science to manage your social media profiles but time is a value for all of us. We help our clients to save some time for their own business management. We also do what we do very efficiently.

Step 5: Privacy Matters
We all know that it’s not appropriate to post your crazy dancing, or drinking, or excessive picture on social media platforms at all. But what if someone else posts something about you? You can and should put privacy settings on all of your content online. Nothing is 100% private and secured on Facebook, or any other platform, so it’s good to manage your profiles as much as you can. Some specialists suggest having 2 accounts on each platform would work as well; one for business and one might be for friends and family. This can be kind of complicated to manage 2 accounts for each platform…wise idea though.

These 5 steps are good to get your feet wet but for businesses or high profile individuals, it goes much further than this and we would be happy to help. Things are not same with business reputation management online; it is something that professionals handle for successful businesses.

Last, a geek joke: “Where would you hide a dead body these days? In the 3rd page of Google.” If you are not in the first page of Google’s organic search for your specific keywords, it is really hard to survive. Thus if “review outlets” like yelp and social media outlets are ignored, get ready to lose many potential future sales. As e-commerce and search engine optimization specialists we at ATAK Interactive wanted to inform you about how important to manage your reputation and give you 5 tips to make it right. If you need any further information or help, please give us a call or visit our website: 1-855-472-1892 / www.atakinteractive.com





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