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5 Tips For Effective Email Marketing

Mar 04, 2015
Effective email marketing

Email marketing is a dependable way to deliver your message to a direct and targeted audience. The quality of your email content is also very important. Successful email copywriting is an art that takes time to perfect, but if done right, can dramatically increase your customer engagement and ultimately sales.


Did you know? According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing has an ROI of 4,300%. MarketingSherpa also found that companies sending over 100,000 emails per month see a 94% return on investment. So no matter how small or big your business is, email is a great way to ensure a strong ROI. Email is also an efficient way to generate new leads. In fact, 42% of businesses credit email marketing as one of their most effective lead generation channels. And for B2B marketers, 88% cite email as the most effective lead generation tactic, as reported by Circle Research.


Now that you see how email marketing can make a difference for your business, let’s take a look at how we can make your email marketing campaigns as effective as possible. If you want to increase your open and click-through rates, here a few things to do and keep in mind when creating your next email:


1. Make it Responsive: Since more than half of all email is being opened on mobile devices, it’s extremely important to keep that in mind. Making your emails mobile friendly and responsive is crucial to your email marketing efforts. Email platforms like iContact and Mailchimp offer free responsive templates that you can brand to your brand and use as a guide. iContact is great for an agency like ours because we can easily integrate custom coded layouts. Mailchimp is one of my personal favorites because it is user friendly their readymade templates are easy to customize.


2. Make it Personal: I love when I receive an email blast and it reads as friendly, inviting, and with lots of personality. Stand out from the rest of the gazillion emails sent each day, and personalize yours with your brand identity, unique personality, and offer your products and/or services in a fun way. Send the kind of email that can’t be ignored. Know your audience, and go one step further and use your recipients’ names. You’ll thank me later.


3. Integrate Your Efforts: Email marketing works best when it is consistent with your other marketing messages. If you have a great blog post that can be valuable to customers, use that in your email marketing, too. Same goes for social media. A company that clearly knows what it’s trying to say and uses email marketing to disseminate that message will find more success than a competitor that chooses to segregate its email messages from other marketing efforts.


4. Make the Call to Action Clear: Imagine you walk into an ice cream shop with a hungry sweet tooth. All of the flavors look enticing but you’re not quite sure which to choose. Bombarded with too many choices, you walk away without buying anything. Don’t let your emails be that ice cream shop. When your customers are presented with too many calls to action and options, they will be less likely to purchase. Make your calls to action crystal clear, succinct, and easy to read. Limit the effort it takes on the part of your customers to act and don’t ask for too much. The call to action copy should tell your subscribers exactly what they can expect and use copy that reinforces the notion that taking action will be quick and easy. The less work they have to do, the better your chances are of getting them engaged.


5. Segment a List and Check it Twice: Building an email list and segmenting your audience is helpful when targeting certain messages to different sets of subscribers. However, it’s also important to pay attention to those who unsubscribe and bounced recipients. Use this information to your benefit and refine your calls to action accordingly. Perhaps, it’s the frequency in emails or the subject line, or whatever it may be – pay attention to your lists and use that knowledge to make future campaigns even better.


Email marketing is just one piece of the marketing pie, but by implementing some of the tips mentioned above, it can become a very meaty piece.


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