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10 Great Ways to Make Your Newsletter Campaign More Effective

Jan 21, 2014

As Website Marketing and eCommerce specialists, we at ATAK Interactive want to share our strategies and tactics about how to make your newsletter more effective. We ask you consider our 10 important steps below while writing your newsletter to get more effective results.

Give Readers Content They’d Want to Read

We mentioned the importance of content in pretty much every blog article because content management is becoming more and more significant every day. Especially for your newsletter’s efficiency, the most important requirement is going to be your rich, interesting content. First of all, it should be news and not just a sales “push push push” every time. In fact, unless you are an ecommerce store with a products that need no explanation, a selling strategy on your newsletter will affect you more negatively than positively, and eventually no one will read it except maybe your friends out of pity. Generally, people signed up to your newsletter because they like your service, or product, or the brand itself, but that doesn’t mean they are asking for a sales pitch every day/week/month. Chances are they sign up for your newsletter to learn more about your products so that they can make an educated decision. Another significant idea to wrap your head around in the idea of putting yourself in your reader’s shoes. Who are these people (demographics)? Find who they are and ask them what they want to learn/read about.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

A main goal of your newsletter is to push readers to take action upon reading your message. Always put some links to your website, and also link all your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Website, etc.). In many respects this prompt to take action will entice users to follow, comment, etc. Al of this should positively affect your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings and sales in one aspect or another, even if small.

Customize It

Adding a personal touch on your newsletter design is going to make your audience feel special and eventually it will help you to increase loyalty between your company and your readers. The simplest example to customization for your newsletter is to pull your clients name (via a simple code) into the heading/intro. That will make them feel special and important. You can also create different lists for different customer types which you could figure out by looking at data you have about your reader’s demographics. The different newsletters can be customized for different types of people based on what you know about them and what products they are interested in. More customization means better responses and more satisfied readers.

Catchy & Attention Grabbing Title

This step is important for your newsletter because readers must like your title to open it and read it. Writing a catchy title is crucial for your newsletter. Use a phrase or word at the start of your newsletter’s subject line that will be the same every time. The heading must grab your target reader’s attention as they receive many other newsletters daily.

Frequency and Coordination

Your newsletter is just one part of your communication package. Create a calendar and stick to a coordinated schedule. Do not ever send the same-subject e-mail more than once to the same reader by using other titles or outlets as they are smarter than that. Otherwise, it will be very annoying for your readers and that will decrease your loyalty. This is crucial to keep your relationship loyal and constant. Also, do not under send or over send. There is a line to how much you send a newsletter. For most people we recommend you send a newsletter once per week or at minimum once per month. A daily newsletter can often be annoying unless you are a news outlet or a daily deal site where people are asking for a daily newsletter/recap.

Offering Options to Unsubscribe

It’s always good to offer subscribe or unsubscribe options on your newsletter because this will increase your accountability. Another quick tip is to never ask your readers to share or forward your newsletter with their friends or colleagues. This may sound smart but spam filters may reject your newsletter even before it reaches your reader due to rules set in place around language. Be careful.

Don’t Waste Your Reader’s Time

Using large graphics that take forever to load, or over “htmlized” columns and things like over coloring/bolding letters or too many hyperlinks will affect you negatively. Using a catchy title is enough to grab attention. And wasting your reader’s time is not going to help you at all. Use just a few examples below for overall interest boosts.

  • Expert Advice
  • Special Offers
  • A Customer Testimonial
  • An Upcoming Event

Use a Graphic

People’s eyeballs tend to see pictures first. Use web friendly sized photos (no more than 50kb and 72 dpi) and include “alt text” for all those people that have images turned off in their e-mail browser. You should avoid sending your newsletter as one massive image because that most likely will be impossible for your readers to open.

Quality over Quantity

Like we mentioned in the steps above, content quality is crucial in terms of reader’s continuity. You must have valuable information for your readers, but the experience needs to be efficient because many people get more than 100 emails per day. Keeping your newsletter short and sweet will definitely increase your reputation in your reader’s eyes. Do not over push to sell your service or product and never overload your newsletter with branding, or it will look like a cheap sales pitch.

Use “P.S.”

Using PS at the end of your newsletter is a good way to create call to action for your readers. Readers will definitely pay attention to that last sentence which starts with PS.

In conclusion, when you are writing your newsletter there are some important steps that you should follow to make it more effective and appropriate. At ATAK Interactive, we wanted to point out these steps to help your newsletter campaign bring real results, whether those results are more website traffic, a positive impact on sales, reputation management improvement, or any other goal you may have.

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