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Lagree Fitness Studios


The Situation – Sebastien Lagree developed a full body conditioning system using innovative technology, known as the LAGREE FITNESS™ training method. This equipment is leased out to studios, rather than sold. The company is growing and as part of their expansion they have opened their own fitness studios called Lagree Fitness Studios. We were asked to build an online learning management system that would allow for training to happen online.  Trainers, owners, and other approved users would be able to access reading materials, watch videos, and take tests to get certified. They also want the ability to expand to sell apparel, accessories, and used equipment.

The Solution: We built an open source custom designed web site and learning management system for studios and trainers. The system was built with quality control measures, enabling Lagree Fitness to check-in and see where all the studio owners are in the training process. We also built an e-commerce store for customers looking to buy branded products.

Our work includes:

  • Redesigned and built website framework (using codeIgnitor) and learning management system for LagreeFitness.com
  • Upgraded the brand
  • Built the Lagree fitness studios website for the upcoming launch of Lagree Fitness studios
  • Content strategy for marketing rolling out in 2016
  • Optimized all sites for search
  • Created Offline Collateral 
  • Public Relations efforts in media, awards, and community recognition
  • Added an E-Commerce Store
  • Developed and wrote educational content
  • Expanded email marketing campaigns
  • Created tools for studio owners to learn and pass online courses


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